Friday 14 May 2021


 Hello Beauties 

Hope you are well today I thought I would do another review on a colourpop palette this time I will be sharing my thoughts on colourpop baby got peach . 

I've wanted this palette since it got released and I finally got it and their are no regrets at all I absolutely adore peach eyeshadows and they are perfect for this time of year . 

Here is the lovely palette in all it's glory I love all Colourpop packaging I have to admit though I do prefer this packaging to the newer cardboard packaging . 

I have got some of the newer palettes which I will be sharing my thoughts in a upcoming post i'm sure and i'm not a lover of the packaging they get dirty so easy and it's really hard to clean afterwards. 

I would prefer this plastic packaging over the cardboard that's for sure but cardboard is easier to recycle so it's better for the environment and also cheaper to make . 

The different shades of peach tones in this palette is so beautiful I have really enjoyed using it this past week . I have done 3 looks with this palette for my you tube channel if you would like to check it out I would really appreciate your support and will be doing a giveaway that will be international on the channel very soon My You Tube Channel

Lets talk about the swatches and how the palette performed 

 Here are all the beautiful swatches in all their glory , so in the palette you are getting 5 mattes, 3         shimmers and 1 pressed glitter . 

Darlin - is a soft peach matte that looks stunning as a crease eyeshadow it's very light blends out like a dream all the mattes do in this palette 

Hungry Ghost - is a pressed glitter that isn't supposed to be used on the eyes it's not eye safe but I did use it on the eyes when i was testing the palette out if your really careful you can use it on the eyelids . 

Perky - is another gorgeous matte which looks good as a crease shade for medium skin tones I use this to deepen out darlin 

Get even - is the first shimmer in the palette it looks stunning all over the eyelids and without a shadow of a doubt my favourite shimmer out of the palette . 

Centerfold - is another gorgeous peach matte eyeshadow that looks gorgeous in the crease or as a lid shade and used into the crease it makes a really beautiful everyday eye look with just this one eyeshadow 

Glaze it - is a deeper peach the only downside to this shade is it's not as pigmented as get even and is a bit crumbly but it doesn't go onto the eyelids crumbly it looks really nice . 

Okurr- is a gorgeous deeper matte almost orange toned peach it's lovely placed in the outer v to deepen the eye look and it makes a really nice soft lash line eyeshadow . 

ready or yacht is another stunning shimmer and is the lightest in the palette this shade looks nice as a inner corner highlight as well as being a gorgeous all over the lid eyeshadow . 

Half baked - is the last matte in the palette and looks good in the outer v to really smoke out your look and on the lash line as well . 

Here is one of the looks that I did with this palette 

I think this was the first day I used the palette so I would have used Get Even all over the lid , Darlin in the crease as my transition , then Perky to deepen it out on the outer v and also on the lash line even though you can't see it in this photo . 

 I thought I would add the photo to the blog post so you can see what the eyeshadows look like on the eyelids as well as the swatches above . 

Overall thoughts on the colourpop baby got peach palette ....

I absolutely love this palette so much if you have blue or green eyes and you like peach eyeshadows this will be your best friend . 

You get a nice range of peach tones in the palette which is nice where as with the too faced peach palette that I had a few years you hardly had any peach eyeshadows in it this palette this is much better and not as expensive . 

Some negatives ....

A lot of people that I have seen do reviews on this palette don't like the pressed glitters in the colourpop palettes which I can understand as their not eye safe and they don't want to risk putting them on their eyes so although hungry ghost is a beautiful glitter it is seen to be a waste of a eyeshadow . 

I don't have too many pressed glitters in my collection so I don't mind it being in the palette but it is extremely messy . 

another negative is that a couple of the shimmers are quite powdery and crumbly on swatches they come across as not being pigmented on the eyes though all 3 shimmers look amazing so if your looking into buying this palette so don't let this put you off . 

I definitely think this palette is worth the money and I would recommend it to my peach eyeshadow lovers especially if you don't have any peach eyeshadows in your collection it really is a stunning palette . 

So beauties here are my thoughts ... what do you think of the palette I would love to know 

Thanks for reading