Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Primark PS Exotica Eyeshadow Palette Review and Looks Created

Hello Lovelies,

I know it's been a hot minute since I posted I've just been so busy with Christmas and New year .
Happy New Year hope your all well and that you all had an AMAZING Christmas ….

Today I thought I would do a review on this palette that I bought last summer from Primark I've got that many eyeshadow palettes it's just took me forever to get through them there is going to be lots of reviews in 2019 as this for me is the year of the no buy.

The outer packaging of the palette just screams summer and holidays  to me and yes I have been using it in autumn but I have never been one for using make up for seasons and besides it's good to mix things up . right ??

Monday, 3 December 2018

My No Buy Year From November 2018 - November 2019

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope your all well and have had a lovely weekend this weekend I went out for a meal with my mum and it was lovely and then went to her house to watch the x-factor final then on Sunday my mum made me my favourite meal shepherds pie she is such a legend ….

Anyway onto what is making me write this in November I was doing a de-clutter as some of you may already know I knew I had a lot of make-up but I didn't realise just how out of control my make-up collection had got especially eyeshadow palettes they are a big weakness for me just because there are so many nice eyeshadow palettes but that doesn't mean that I have to try to buy every single eyeshadow palette out there and to be honest you can find dupes for them in your collection so you don't have to buy every new release ….

Another reason I want to go on a no buy year is that I wasn't showing my make up collection any love it was all just sitting there and I wasn't using any of it just buying new make -up which eventually all the other make-up is just going to go bad isn't it so it makes no sense to keep buying more and more make-up . 

Not when I have so much make up to use up and also test and review here for you guys just because I won't be buying make-up for the next year doesn't mean I won't be reviewing products that are already in my collection enough is enough now I physically don't have anywhere to store it . 

So How Have You Done In Your First Month You May Be Thinking ….

So I didn't think the best time to start my No Buy Year I will say that with all the Black Friday Sales but I did really well I bought one thing in December more on that a little later . 
I didn't buy any new make up in November for me that is such a big deal as I like a good splurge if I haven't shopped in awhile so nothing in November at all . 

I wanted to start the No Buy in November because there is no time like the present right ? 
My mum  always said don't put off what you can do today till tomorrow so that's what I did …

I wouldn't say I broke the No Buy part of the rules of the No Buy are that you can replace items that are essential to your make up routine and at the moment I am using the revolution x imogentation highlight to the moon palette which has your face powders and contour powders in it but I am hitting pan on quite a few of them and wanted to get a contour palette and came across a revolution one in the shade fair (I probably should have got light really with my skintone ) anyway it was just £4 from £8 so I thought I would give it a try so this is the only item that I did get for myself which I don't think is too bad …

I am really proud of myself but there are still 11 months to go and I don't expect every month to be as easy as this every month I will be updating you on my progress and tell you how I have gotten on , 
Who else is going on a no buy or doing a no buy in 2019 maybe we can show some support to one another . 

Shopping My Make Up Collection / Shop My Stash 

what I have been doing through November is shopping my make up collection/shop my stash and honestly every week when I have pulled new make up it has actually felt like all the items was new to my collection which is just proof that you can get enjoyment from the make up that you have in your collection so that is what I have been doing this past month I've been using a few different eyeshadow palettes that I want to do reviews on for you and maybe show you some looks that I created using them . 

Project Panning For 2019 

I have set 10 items aside that I am hoping to pan by the end of February that I will talk about in another blog post as I want to talk about all the items in more detail a lot of the items are older items in my make up collection that I have already hit pan on and I am now wanting to show them some love and get them out of my collection and focus on new projects from March onwards . 

So I do have quite a few things that I want to talk about with you guys going forward...

Thanks for reading as always means so so so much to me 

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Urban Decay - Kristen Leanne Kalediscope Dreams Palette Review and First Impressions/ My Thoughts

Hello Beauties,

Today I wanted to talk to you about this beautiful palette that Kristen Leanne did in collaboration with Urban Decay .

I remember watching someone's you tube channel and they did a get ready with me and this palette just screamed to me for the bold colours .

A lot of my eyeshadows in my collection are all neutral as for the longest time I never wore bold colourful eye shadow as I didn't think I suited colourful looks now I just love it especially if there metallic like the shimmers in this palette.

I think maybe I had a fear of really bold eyeshadows like the ones in this palette but now I just love playing around with colourful eye shadows like the ones in this palette if your like me and have been wearing neutral eyeshadows for a long time and want to try a colourful eye look I would say embrace it maybe just start by adding a pop of colour to your lash line with a neutral eye look as that looks really pretty.

This eye shadow palette is so stunning from the packaging to the actual eye shadows Kristen Leanne has done an amazing job with this palette. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fiorelli Bethnal Grab Bag - Review

Hello Beauties,

Hope your all well I can't believe it's been over a week since I last wrote my mum and I was in a bus accident last week I'm ok however my mum is not doing so great it's just a complete nightmare seems to be one thing after another .

Anyway lets talk about this beautiful handbag it's off the and is still in the sale I will leave the link down below they really have a lot of stunning handbags in the sale.

Fiorelli Website - Check the website out for all the sale items ….

This picture was taken of the website it really is a truly beautiful bag it gives me serious chanel vibes …

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done - Hybrid Complexion Perfector Review

Hello Beauties,

I have decluttered a lot of foundations, foundations that I have had awhile so I thought I would do a review on this Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector

This product is different to anything that I have ever used before and makes your skin look flawless it's a lightweight foundation and a skin perfector in one it covers any inperfections you may have whether that might be a little bit of redness, enlarged pores and fine lines I have all these things and it targets them really well. 

I should have worn this foundation more in the summer as it's so light weight it's more of a tinted moisturiser I actually forgot about it till I decluttered my foundation drawers there are a lot of foundation reviews I will be talking about in the near future. 

Even though it's a light weight foundation you can build it up from a light to medium coverage which is good . I don't always like to wear full coverage foundation as it feels like I have a mask on sometimes I want my foundation to look natural and this foundation certainly gives you that natural look and you can wear it every day.

I wear the shade light to medium which does have a slight yellow undertone next time I might try the light I normally wear foundations that match my skin which as a pink undertone . 

In this photo I am  only wearing eye shadow and the Urban Decay  Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector …. I wanted to take a picture of how the foundation looks on the skin without the rest of my face products such as bronzer, blush and highlighter . 

I have looked on the urban decay website and here is what they have to say about this product . 

Product Description 

One step and you’re done. Instantly blur imperfections and even out skin tone—for beautifully perfected, ultra definition skin.

The best of both worlds, this hybrid complexion cream combines the benefits of a sheer foundation with the coverage of a tinted moisturizer—and our high-tech, weightless formula feels amazing on your skin. One & Done provides all-day wear and covers a wide range of skin tones. But the best part is how it transforms the look of your skin! Light-diffusing spheres immediately help make flaws seem to disappear. Over time, pores appear smaller and skin appears noticeably firmer and more radiant.

We loaded One & Done with so many nourishing ingredients (including peptides, vitamins and moisturizers), you’ll be tempted to skip your skin treatment. Gatuline® Radiance—derived from the wu zhu yu plant—improves the look of radiance, tone and texture. And SPF 20 protects against sun damage.

Wear alone for gorgeous skin. For the perfect application, use our Optical Blurring Brush. For extra hydration, apply after your moisturizer.

Naked Skin One & Done comes in a sleek, metallic tube with champagne and gunmetal ombrĂ© artwork. At 40ml, it holds a lot of product—and the convenient airless pump makes it easy to get out every last bit!

Shades included: Light (works well w/shades 0.5–3.25), Medium Light (works well w/shades 3.5–4.0), Medium (works well w/shades 4.5–6.0), Medium Dark (works well w/shades 6.5–8.0), Dark (works well w/shades 8.75–9.0) and Deep (works well w/shades 9.75–12.0).


Thanks for reading it mean so much to me 

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Deck Of Scarlet X Raven Elyse Collaboration Pallete 10

Hello Beauties,

Hope you all have had a great weekend my weekend was spent watching the x-factor live shows , my mum took me out for lunch yesterday to the pub which was lovely and today i'm going to my mums for Sunday lunch which I am looking forward too .

So lets talk about the new Deck of Scarlet collaboration with you tuber Raven Elyse like all the other collaborations that Deck of Scarlet have done I had never heard of Raven Elyse since I got this palette I have signed up to her you tube channel.

Raven Elyse does vlogs and make up videos and to be honest I've only watched 1 or 2 of her make up videos but enjoyed watching them  she has a huge following of 950K followers so no wonder Deck of Scarlet wanted to collaborate with her she's very popular in the you tube community .

Lets get into my thoughts on the Deck of Scarlet and Raven Elyse Collaboration I have done a couple of looks using this palette which I will show you

I created this lovely bronze smoky eye look the first time I used this eye and face palette really like how it turned out . 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review - My Thoughts

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would give my thoughts on this foundation by bourjois it's the city radiance foundation.

I have had this foundation in my collection for quite awhile and want to start using the make up that I have before they go out of date and thought I would give this a go since I hadn't used it in awhile . 

I really like the feel of this foundation it feels nice and creamy on your skin I would say it's a medium coverage foundation which is good enough for me to use daily if I want too . 

When you use this foundation your skin feels really luminous and hydrated which I love maybe it's not a great foundation if you have oily skin but there are ways around it like powdering where you get oily and making the foundation more matte for me personally I love the luminosity of it . 

Boots website says this foundation gives you a light to medium coverage on me personally I would say it's definitely more medium it doesn't feel light at all its definitely medium . 

Here is what Boots Website have to say about Bourjois City Radiance Foundation 

Product details

Bourjois' City Radiance foundation

The ultimate product for the city girl. 
Our City Radiance foundation is a real multi-tasker, giving you a fresh, luminous complexion as well as a protective barrier against pollution. With SPF 30 too, this luminizing foundation couldn’t be any better for your skin.

How do we do this? Available in 6 shades, our City Radiance foundation contains a unique formula which reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin, creating an anti-pollution screen to help keep your skin protected from the downsides of city life. This, combined with our nourishing formula which keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours helps to give you a fresh and luminous complexion as well as a gorgeous light to medium coverage foundation. We have also infused SPF 30 into the formula to help keep your skin protected from sun damage, meaning you can protect your skin from all the elements with Bourjois City Radiance foundation. Add some joie to vivre to city life.
Our City Radiance foundation:
  • Reduces the presence of carbon particles on the skin to create an anti-pollution screen on your skin
  • Is infused with SPF 30 to help protect your skin from sun damage
  • Uses a nourishing formula that keeps your skin moisturised for 24 hours

Top Tip:
A little bit goes a long way - start at the centre of your face and blend outwards.

I really do like the fact that it has a good SPF in the foundation SPF 30  a lot of people may not like this especially if they take a lot of photographs for Instagram or just in general as it will give a white cast but I really don't mind it . 

This is what the foundation looks like on and I an wearing the lightest shade in 01 ivory rose because I am so fair you can see the natural glow that it gives especially around my cheek area the luminosity of the foundation is really prominent 

Like I said earlier I did buy this awhile ago I hope by now that they would have released more then 6 shades it's alright for people like me who are very fair but women with darker skin tones are really going to struggle to find a perfect match. 

I completely agree your skin does feel very nourished and hydrated with this foundation I love how it feels on my skin. 

I really do like this foundation and have been enjoying using it, if you can get your shade I would definitely recommend you try it if you haven't already if you have please let me know what your thoughts are on this foundation I would love to know . 

Thanks for reading as always