Sunday, 16 July 2017

First Impressions On Deck Of Scarlet X Nazanin Kavari Eye & Face Palette

Hello Lovelies, I am super excited to talk about this beautiful collaboration by Deck Of Scarlet X Nazanin Kavari . In my opinion they have done a excellent job creating this Eye & Face Palette the palette is gorgeous and right up my street with it being a Neutral Eye Palette whereas Palette 02 Babs Beauty Palette was full of Purple Eyeshadows. This Palette in my opinion is definitely the better one out of the two that I have tried I will talk about the comparisons between the 2 palettes as we go along .

I like the fact that with every palette you get a introduction to the Artist In Chief of the You tuber who has worked with Deck Of Scarlet that month. I didn't know anything about Babs Beauty I checked her You Tube Chanel out and really like her channel and the same goes for Nazanin Kavari I had not watched any of her videos until I got this palette .

Monday, 10 July 2017

First Impressions and Swatches On Burning Embers Palette

Hello Lovelies,
I saw this 25 pan eye shadow palette and i loved it i had to buy it the palette is called The Buning Embers Palette

it is such a beautiful palette with nice neutral warm eye shadows. What I like in particular about this palette is all the eyeshadows have names whereas previous palettes have only had numbers not names of the eyeshadows .

Match - This is a matte eye shadow really nice to use over the lid after I have used my mac paintpot it also helps it makes the eyeshadow go on smoothly .

Light - Another matte eyeshadow this could be used as a highlight on darker skintones then myself for the browbone and inner corner highlight it's also another good eye shadow to use all over the eye lid .

Sparks - is a gorgeous pink pearl shimmer eye shadow with tiny specks of glitter that is not noticeable in the pan.

Flare - is a matte muted grey brown eye shadow I don't think I have an eye shadow in my collection like this so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Heat - is a really pretty rose gold shimmer eye shadow

Flicker - is a muted grey brown matte eye shadow another eye shadow that is a really nice for the crease of the eye

Glint - is a white shimmer eye shadow and shift pinks in certain light so this is a duochrome eye shadow .

Warmth - is a matte caramel brown eye shadow another one that is great for the crease and blending out darker eyeshadows.

Kindling - is a gorgeous chocoloate matte brown eye shadow I like to use matte brown shadows on the lash line rather then a stark black eye shadow.

Sizzle - is a gorgeous coral peach matte eye shadow I love that MUA have put this eye shadow in this palette as I am loving these kind of eyeshadows at the minute.

Scorch - another matte brown eyeshadow which is nice to give a smoky eye or darken your eye look and even use on the lash line.

Wild Fire - is a rose gold shimmer eyeshadow which is a little bit lighter then the one in the first row

Burn - is a slightly darker matte peach eyeshadow it's a little bit more patchy then sizzle.

Ignite - is a golden bronze shimmer eyeshadow it's really beautiful

Beacon - is a cream matte eyeshadow

Spark - is a rose gold shimmer eyeshadow with a lilac undertone

Blush - is a light brown matte eyeshadow

Torch - is a bronze shimmer eyeshadow it's so beautiful

Energy - is orange based gold eyeshadow another really beautiful eye shadow.

Fume - Is a gorgeous dark matte brown eyeshadow

Char - is an even darker matte brown with black undertones.

Dazzle - is a brown toned bronze shimmer eyeshadow.

Flame - is a gorgeous shimmer cranberry eyeshadow

Blaze - is a dark burgundy eyeshadow really reminds me of the burgundy out of the kylie burgundy palette

Insert swatches here -

I didn't expect much from this mua eyeshadow palette I am so pleased with the pigmentation and it's such great value at just £8
That's only 32p per eye shadow the real test will when I come to use this palette as so far I have only done finger swatches but I am so impressed with it .

Have you tried this palette ? What are your thoughts ?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Motherhood Will Never Happen For Me And This Is Why ?

Hello Beauties, this is something that I didn't think I would ever write about here but I think it's important and should be spoken about so here goes it's one of those posts that are really difficult to write about just because it's so personal I'm going to try my best so here goes .

Motherhood will never happen for me I am a very maternal woman and think that every woman if they want it should be able to experience pregnancy at least once in their lifetime and I know I am not the only woman in the world to experience this but it really hurts that I won't experience becoming a mother and the reason for this is because I have a medical consition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for some women who have got this condition they have been able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy but that was not meant to be for me .

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

First Impressions/Swatches On MUA Fire Vixen Palette - My Thoughts

Hello lovelies I have been seeing this MUA Fire Vixen Palette all over you tube and twitter lately it's sold at Superdrug for £5 which by the way let me just say What A Bargain That Is ..... anyway I looked in a few Superdrug for this gorgeous palette and couldn't find it and also they ran out of stock on the website and I know why and you will see it too it's very similar to the Naked Heat Palette.

Even the names are similar with the MUA being called Fire Vixen and the Urban Decay Heat Palette the eyeshadows are just so warm in both on the palettes.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

First Impressions On Kylie burgundy Palette & Swatches - My thoughts

Hello Beauties, I got this palette last October in the Black Friday Sale I don't think I've ever done a first impressions and swatch post so I thought I would write about my thoughts and let you know if it's worth the hype or not.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

First Impressions On Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - My Thoughts

Hello Beauties, I recently bought the Urban Decay Heat Palette when it came though I decided it was just too similar to some of the palettes that I have in my collection already so I decided to sell it and buy this beautiful Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I'm such a fan of the too faced palettes rather then the Urban Decay ones I just feel like they are so much nicer.

These eye shadows are just so beautiful I wanted this palette the first time it was released and then when it was re-released again I thought about buying it but as I wear more neutrals like the colours from the too faced chocolate bar I wasn't so sure if I would get use out of this palette so I bought the dupe to this palette the I heart make up peaches and chocolate palette and I was surprised at just how much I like the palette and used the Peach Shadows in the palette so I decided to buy this Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette . I only bought it last week and so far I have only used it once I've done some swatches for the purpose of this post and I will be giving a full review in a few weeks when I have used it more this is more of a First Impressions on this gorgeous palette.

Friday, 23 June 2017

First Impressions on Deck Of Scarlet X Babs Beauty Collaboration - My thoughts

Hello Beauties, I have been waiting to bring you this first impressions of the Deck Of Scarlet x Babs Beauty Collaboration for so long now at least a good 7 weeks I thought it would never come i'm a very impatient woman when it comes to my make up.
I got a email saying it would ship the first week of June and it still hadn't shipped 2 weeks ago so I had to get in contact with Deck Of Scarlet customer services to see when I could expect my palette as I had already paid for It . Deck Of Scarlet were very nice and explained that this particular palette was in high demand and I would receive it in the next week and I woke up to the courier pressing my buzzer this morning and could not wait to write this first impressions post and do the swatches of the palette and all that good stuff.