Friday 18 June 2021


 Hey Beauties, 

Hope you are all well today , I will be bringing you a review on the colourpop uh huh honey palette. I've only just recently added this to my collection after lusting after it since it was released and I was not disappointed . 

I recently filmed 3 days 3 looks on the you tube channel it truly is a stunning palette .


                        This was day 2 look 2 


                       Let's do some swatches and talk about the palette in more detail . 

Here is the palette in all it's glory let's talk about the swatches 

Stinger - Is a orange based matte which is very smooth all the mattes are in this palette their not patchy at all and blend out really well  . 

Sunburst - Sunburst is a gorgeous yellow shimmer it's light enough to be used as a inner corner highlight which I love it also looks really pretty over the lid . 

Sweet Spot - is my favourite matte in the palette because it is a bright yellow matte whereas all the other mattes have undertones of other colours such as orange based or mustard based or that they are brown so I'm glad that Colourpop decided to put sweet spot in this palette. 

Dandy - Dandy has to be my favourite shimmer in this entire palette it's just the right shade of yellow and looks so foiled all over the lid . 

Palooza - is an eyeshadow that is deemed not eye safe by colourpop as it's a pressed glitter when I did my 3 days 3 looks with this palette I did use it as I like to give a review on the entire palette but you are using it at your own risk . If you do use this eyeshadow I would recommend a good glitter primer . 

Queen B - Queen B is  another stunning shimmer and makes this monochromatic palette stand out as the other shimmers are pure yellow and this is on the bronze side so it's very versatile and you don't get a similar look which I love . 

Totally Buggin - Totally Buggin is a orange based matte it goes well with Queen B in fact all of these mattes coming up do . 

Oh Beehave - Oh Beehave firstly what a cute name for a eyeshadow and this matte yellow eyeshadow is perfect with the rest of the eyeshadows in this palette 

Buzz Kill - Buzz Kill is a gorgeous brown matte which the palette needed I think to deepen out the outer v and is also a perfect eyeshadow for the lash line . 

So  here are my overall thoughts . 

Is the palette worth the money ? 

I think the palette is for sure worth the money if you like yellow eyeshadows it's perfect for spring and summer and in my opinion is a feel good palette and gives you those summer vibes when you wear it . 

I think on the colourpop website it retails for $12 I paid a bit more then that as I bought mine from depop , I got a great deal it was just £14 with shipping so I would say it was worth every penny that I paid as it gave me so much joy . 

Pros - 

The palette is very versatile with it having the queen b and buzz kill eyeshadows in it so it's not completely monochromatic not all the looks that you do will look yellow which is good for those days when you don't want to wear yellow 

I love that it comes in plastic packaging I'm not a fan of the cardboard packaging that Colourpop now do I know it's good for the environment but it's a pain to clean whereas plastic packaging wipes off easily when eyeshadow goes on it .

It's very travel friendly with a generous size mirror 

All the eyeshadows look beautiful the mattes blend out really well and the shimmers look so foiled all over the lids . 

Cons - 

I can't think of too many cons with this palette as I love it so much it's really impressed me . 

The pressed glitter is a con and I know quite a lot of people with complaints that Colourpop put these pressed glitters in the palette . 

I actually don't mind pressed glitters every so often but their not eye safe so should they really be in a eyeshadow palette ? 

I personally think that eyeshadow palettes should only have eyeshadows in their that are only intended for the eye area . 

The only other con I could come up with is that it's a monochromatic palette a lot of the eye looks that you do with this palette are going to look the same having said that you know that just by looking at the colour story . So is it really a con? 

Would I repurchase ? 

If ever I used up this entire palette or it expired I would for sure repurchase another Uh Huh Honey Palette I don't think I would even think twice about it . 

Would I recommend - Yes if you like yellow I think this is a great palette and would highly recommend it 

Thanks for reading what are your thoughts on this palette do you have it in your collection ?