Friday 7 May 2021


 Hey Beauties, 

It's beem so long since I have written a post my apologies, 

I recently got to try colourpop frozen 2 Elsa eyeshadow palette which lets first talk about the packaging she is gorgeous. 

whoever designed this packaging is absolutely phenomenal it's just gorgeous regardless of the eyeshadows inside if you are a collector this will look gorgeous on display which I intend on using mine for as well as using it of course . 

Here is the colour story for this palette which I have a lot of thoughts on , I used it for 4 days when I tested the palette out for my you tube channel . 

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Here are the swatches on this beautiful palette ....

Here are the swatches from the 1st row ....

Cuddle close - Cuddle close is a gorgeous white to pink duo chrome it is a stunning eyeshadow and i'm glad that colourpop put this in the palette. You can't really see it on my hand but it is a very powdery quite chunky formula but it doesn't translate like that on the eyes thankfully. It looks gorgeous as a inner corner highlight , also all over the lid as your main shimmer it looks stunning and I've even used it as a face highlight which looked stunning . 

Fire - Fire is a beautiful transition shade it looks stunning all over the crease for my skin tone the issue with this shade is I don't know how well it would show up if you had a deeper skin tone , it blends out so well I love this shade so much it's for sure my favourite matte from the palette without a shadow of a doubt 

Northern Lights - Northern Lights is very pretty I love the shade but this is where my opinions are mixed . you can't see it in the swatch as i've swatched it twice but it's not a pigmented shimmer which I was really disappointed with . I wanted it to be more pigmented then it was as I love the eyeshadow so much and this was one of the reasons I bought the palette for this eyeshadow alone . This is another special eyeshadow it's not a duo chrome I don't think but certainly has a gorgeous shift . I tried everything to get this eyeshadow to show up applying it with a brush , applying it with my finger shimmers always go on better applied with the finger but I wanted to try the brush as well. I also put some setting spray on the brush normally that makes a lack lustre shimmer pop and it still wasn't as pigmented as I would like . Maybe next time I use it I will try it with a glitter glue . Also this is like cuddle close it's very powdery which i'm not a fan of but the shade is beautiful and if your going for that everyday neutral eye the top row is great for that . 

Here are the swatches from the 2nd row ...

Gala - Gala is a stunning purple shimmer and again you can't really tell on my hand but it's very powdery, again this is 2 swatches of the eyeshadow. I think this is a gorgeous eyeshadow and does show up a lot more then northern lights did on the eyelid but again I was disappointed with how it looked on the eyelids . I had to keep building the eyeshadow up to get the desired pigment from the palette and even then I wasn't as happy as I could have been . 

Flurry - Flurry is a beautiful glitter in different lights it looks like it's a duo chrome glitter it is so pretty but it's not eye safe so if you use it , your using it at your own risk. I did use it I was very careful when using it and it looked gorgeous with the other eyeshadows that I used it with . 

Winter - Winter is is a perriwinkle matte blue which is lovely and unique to my collection I don't have too many shades in my collection that are like this . Although it does look patchy on the back of my hand it doesn't translate like that on the eyes it looks very nice . 

3rd and final row ....

Awakened - Awakened is described as a sequin eyeshadow so not completley matte as it has fine particles of glitter in the shadow and it's not a shimmer either . It's a beautiful mulberry shadow, I will say the formula is very dry but eyeshadows with red tones  are always very dry you can definitely work with it 

Ice Crystals - Ice Crystals is a stunning silver it's one of  the colourpop supershock formula which I wish all the other shimmers were to be honest this eyeshadow is what I wanted all the other shimmers to look like , it's that wet foiled eyeshadow look that I love . I'm wearing it in the picture above so you can see how pretty it looks all over the lid. I don't really wear silver eyeshadow too much so it's a shame that colourpop didn't put a different colour in , I really do like it though its very pretty and certainly shows up . 

Spindrift - Spindrift is another matte and another mulberry eyeshadow a couple of shades darker then  Awakened it looks pretty in the outer v to deepen the crease and that's what I use this eyeshadow for I tried using it on the lash line and I didn't like the look it gave me . Like awakened it is very dry to the touch and can be a bit patchy but it does blend out really well . 

Final thoughts on the palette ....

I think this is a gorgeous palette the colour story is very pretty the packaging is just stunning but their are some disappointing eyeshadows in the palette and unfortunately they were the eyeshadows that I originally bought the palette for and also for me personally I don't feel like they needed to put both awakened and spindrift in the palette they are very similar in tone .  . 

Is it worth your money ???

I paid £18.98 including postage from a UK seller for this beautiful palette I do think it was worth the money however if you have eyeshadows similar in your collection then I don't think you necessarily need this palette unless you are a collector . 

Who would like this palette ???

I think disney lovers like me for sure would love this palette I got this palette for the packaging that is what drew me to it first then I saw the colour story which looked beautiful and knew I had to buy it . I also think make up lovers who like the colourpop formula will like this palette. 

What do you guys think of the colourpop frozen 2 elsa eyeshadow palette do you have this in your collection ???

Thanks for reading and hopefully it won't be as long till my next post