Sunday 5 July 2020


Hello beauties, 

This is a blog post that I didn't ever think I would have to make on Thursday after going to the shop for some shopping I took a nasty fall and I've always been shall we say clumsy even as a child but this was the worse fall that I ever have had in my life . 

How on earth I didn't knock myself out or do serious damage to myself I will never know , their was definitely someone looking out for me on that day . 

The damage that I did do was serious enough to have to pay a visit to accident & emergency. which we will go into shortly 

When you have a accident in the UK or you are ill you have to call 111 to get advice and be assessed which I did straight away . 

I was told that an ambulance crew would need to come out and check on me they said I could be waiting up to 2 hours as it goes on priority luckily I didn't have to wait that long , I was probably waiting 40 minutes and then the ambulance showed up at my flat . 

I can't speak highly enough of the ambulance crew it was only one person that came to my flat and he was amazing he really looked after me it's so hard isn't it for the NHS staff to look after you in a pandemic as they need to care for you but keep a safe distance away from you at the same time . 

I had all my observations done blood pressure , temperature , blood sugar levels was taken also as the ambulance crew said that sometimes that can make you fall if it's too low or too high . 

I literally fell because someone had left something metal in the road and I didn't see it till it until it was too late my foot got stuck in it , as a result of that I hurt my nose really bad that probably took the brunt of my fall as I fell face down , sprained my right wrist really bad , their was cuts and graizes to my left wrist and I hurt both my right and left knee . 

I'm lucky very lucky as things could have definitely been worse , so much worse this accident happened on Thursday we are now on Sunday I'm feeling so much better with no serious injuries but I am really angry at the way my local hospital treated me . 

I have done a story time on this for my you tube channel rather then explaining everything in depth here I will link my video below so you can go and watch it . 

Here is an in depth story time on what happened as soon as I got to the hospital from start to finish my experience was terrible at A & E , I only went in the first place because the ambulance crew advised it as I took a nasty bang to my nose and obviously with head injuries you can't be too careful and this is how I am treated . 

I hate speaking negative about the NHS as they have been absolutely amazing during the pandemic and I have dealt with other departments in that same hospital and they have been amazing . 

Thank you so much for reading it's been quite awhile since I did a long post like this and thanks in advance for checking out the video .