Thursday 2 April 2020

Top Five Highlighter Palettes Perfect For Fair to Medium Skin tones

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well and staying safe but most of all staying sane in this very difficult period .
In the UK we are on our second week of being in isolation and it feels like so much longer .

Their is at least another week to go before the prime minister makes any decisions on how much longer we will need to stay in isolation .
It's just heartbreaking to see how many people's lives  coronavirus has taken .

Today I thought I would share with you my top five highlighters that are just perfect if you have a fair to medium skin tone.

 1. Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette 

This palette is an oldie but a goodie I love it the only highlighter that i can't use in this palette is the cream I think it's called Ecliptic it's  completely dried out as it's quite an older highlighter palette in my collection and I never really used that highlighter as I just don't use a lot of cream highlighters .

I love how tiny the palette is it's very travel friendly if you travel a lot or if you don't it's the perfect size to put in your make up bag or handbag perfect for topping your highlighter up on the go . Not that you will need too because these highlighters are beaming . 

Just look how beautiful these highlights are their absolutely stunning I like how the highlighters are just so different from each other .

The cream is called Ecliptic the lilac highlighter is called Hemisphere the yellow highlighter is called Subsolar and the peach highlighter which is my favourite in the palette is called Equinox.

Sleek sell these highlighters individually which is great as the highlighters are really getting on the older side they still work really nice but i might pick up a couple of the singles .

Lets do some swatches so you can see how beautiful this palette really is …..

I managed to swatch the cream highlighter which I was surprised at with it being really dried up it's too dark for my skin tone so it doesn't really bother me that I can't use it .

The rest of the highlighters are absolutely stunning even Hemisphere which is a cool lilac highlighter I don't have anything like this in my collection so it's nice to have something a bit different for when I want a look that's a bit out there .

Subsolar is also really stunning but chunkier then the other highlighters in the palette i'm not sure if that is the highlighter or the fact that it's getting older but the other 2 highlighters aren't like that .

My favourite is definitely Equinox it's perfect for my skin tone just looking at the swatches on my hand is making me want to use this palette so I will pulling this on Monday when I shop my stash ,

2. Catrice Light Up The Stars 

I absolutely adore this palette the highlighters are so creamy they remind me of some of my higher end highlighters they don't show any texture on your face which is definitely a plus as i'm getting older and have to be careful what I put on my face so I love the fact that these are so creamy .

Even though the box is bulky I absolutely love it it's all sparkly so when I saw this in TK Maxx I was drawn to it like a magpie. 

I couldn't believe it when I saw it at my local TK Maxx as they don't tend to get Catrice products in I had some birthday money so I snapped this up and the Catrice Glamazing Eyeshadow Palette which I really didn't like so much . 

Time for the swatches …...

Just look how stunning these highlighters are the only one I can't really wear unless I self tan is star boy it's far too dark for my skin tone but would probably work out well on a medium skin tone .

My favourite is that middle highlight it's just beautiful Come here for the glow and oh boy does it give you a nice glow .

I mix come here for the glow with stars come up that's the only way I can wear it but mixed together they really do make a gorgeous highlight .

If you come across this in your local TK Maxx I would highly recommend it I paid £7.99 for this palette and it was worth every penny .

3. I Heart Revolution - Rose Gold Glow 

I absolutely adore this palette it's one that I get so much use out of and again it's really compact great for putting in your make up bag or handbag . 

Just look at that packaging how cute it is and the highlighters are beaming 

Again this is better then some of my more higher end palettes the formula is amazing . 

Lets do some swatches ……

Just look at how beaming those highlighters I like to mix them but I also wear them individually as well and it's just as nice . 

This highlighter is one of my most inexpensive highlighters in my collection their only £6.99 and their so good if you like a beaming highlighter . 

The only thing that would make it better is if make up revolution would have named them I love it when brands take the time to name their products. 

4. Lottie Shimmer Squad 

Another oldie but goodie I love this palette so much another great one for travelling with as it's so compact .

Just look at those highlighters my favourites in this palette are The troublemaker the really white highlight, The Queen bee on the bottom right and the Good Girl top left so I like a good majority of this palette The flirt is just too dark for me but looking at it , it would probably make a good bronzer topper. 

When I use a matte bronzer I like a bit of a glow so I have started using bronze highlighters like this over the top of it so i'll have to try that when I next use it . 

Time for the swatches ….

Looking at the swatches I definitely think the bronze highlighter will make a really nice bronzer on my skin it's beautiful . 

I'm not sure if the texture of the white troublemaker highlighter has always been like this but it seems more chunkier then the other highlighters i'll have to try it out again soon and see how it performs on the face . 

The other highlighters The good girl and Queen Bee are stunning 

5. PS Beauty Pure Glow Highlighter Palette 

This palette like all of them I am mentioning is absolutely stunning the only reason it's come so far down the list is because I like the others more and get more use out of them . 

Just look at that packaging I love marble effect packaging and rose gold writing it's 2 of my favourite things it's like the palette was made for me . 

Primark don't make these 4 pan highlighter palettes anymore they make the 6 pan ones which are £8 this one was £5 which was great value for money and I have a bronze and glow palette that I love from primark so they are forever putting their prices up . 

For me personally I would have preferred that they kept palettes like this not really a fan of the 6 pan palettes that they do . 

It doesn't come with a mirror but I honestly don't mind that . 

Just look at those beautiful highlighters in this palette I love them all their all perfect for light to medium skin tones . 

Lets do some swatches …..

Starting at the top left hand side with Desert it's a beautiful white highlighter but again it seems more chunky then the rest of the highlighters which seems to be a running theme it's still really pretty but not as smooth and pigmented as the other 3 highlighters in the palette. 

Glimmer is absolutely stunning this would be gorgeous on a medium skin tone I can wear it if I go in with a very light hand . 

Eden is a gorgeous highlighter on fair skin I love wearing this highlighter and firefly is far too dark but makes a gorgeous bronze topper on my skin. 

Thanks for reading as always it means so much that you have taken the time out of your day 

stay safe