Sunday 22 March 2020

Top Five Favourite Face Palettes

Hello lovelies,

I have been wanting to do this post since I did my top five , blushers , bronzer and highlighter posts for fair skin .

I thought It would also be nice to show you my top five favourite face palettes their are six in this category which I will explain more about as we talk about the palettes .

We will talk about most favourite to least favourite but I love them all otherwise they would have have been decluttered from my make up collection and we will do swatches of the face palettes .

                                        1. Becca, Khloe & Malika - Made With Love By Khloe

Lets first talk about the packaging of the palette like all Becca packaging it's amazing I don't have that many products by Becca but I love them all and not just for their packaging.

The products in this palette are just stunning well 3 out of the 4 are and this is one of the reasons their are 6 face palettes that I am talking about instead of five .

This palette is just amazing for my skin tone  so I would say fair to medium skin tones this is suitable for .

The powders are just so creamy and don't show any texture on your skin which is great if your a more mature woman like myself .

Lets Do The Swatches - 

The majority of the products in this palette I absolutely love and I think the palette is definitely worth the price especially as I got mine from TK MAXX for a fraction of the price that they were being sold on cult beauty .

Glow Up - glow up is the soft focus highlighter in the palette it looks really golden in the swatch but in reality its a highlighter with a pink undertone that's why it's so perfect for my skin tone. it looks stunning on the skin like all these powders do I just feel like some of these powders look better then others .

Fierce - Fierce is one of Becca's radiant blush formula and that is the best blush formula that they do they are some of the best radiant blushers I have tried but this one is quite light which is nice if you don't like a blusher that's not pigmented but that's not me .
I like my blushers to be a little more pigmented then this one is it looks pigmented on the back of my hand because I have swatched the powders 3 or 4 times so you can see them .

Fabulosity- Fabulosity is another one of Becca's radiant blushers and guys this one is absolutely stunning it's darker then fierce what I do sometimes is mix Fierce with Fabulosity and it truly looks like a beautiful blush and also helps me get use out of all the products in the palette .

Koko Bronze - Koko Bronze is a satin matte bronze I love this bronzer so much it's the perfect bronzer for my skin tone which with being a fair girl I always struggle to find the right shade of bronzer .

                                   2. Becca , Khloe & Malika made with love by Malika 

The packaging is the same as the made with love by Khloe the only way to tell them apart is Khloe's is gold and made with malika's packaging is silver very cute.

So this palette really is joint first place with the made with love by Khloe and for different reasons . The blushers in this palette are that bit deeper and more my vibe . 
This palette is more for medium to deep skin tones but I can for sure make it to work on my skin tone also . 

Lets do the swatches - 

Dusted - Dusted is a soft focus highlighter more bronze toned it actually looks like a bronze topper on my skin tone although I have used it as a highlighter in the past which looked quite nice . 

Yes Girl - yes girl is a radiant blush a gorgeous peach coral radiant blush which I just absolutely love that's why this palette comes in joint 1st place with the made with love by Khloe for the blushers that are in it . 

Make Me Blush - make me blush is another radiant blush this looks like a mauve toned blush in the palette which actually pulls more pink toned on my fair skin which isn't my most favourite blush to wear . 

Bestie Bronze - Bestie Bronze I never ever thought this kind of bronzer would work for my skin tone as it leans quite warm toned but if I go in with a light hand and a fluffy brush it looks so nice . 

I'm so happy that I have both of these palettes in my collection and the made with love by malika was actually an accidental purchase believe it or not I thought it was khloes palette I was picking up I only realised when I got home that it was malika's and decided to give it a try anyway . 

This was first ever Becca palette that I bought and gave me a taste for their products especially the radiant blushers (I just love them their so pretty) 

I remember when the Becca x Jaclyn Hill champagne collection face palette came out I searched high and low for It I just could not get hold of it anywhere and the people that were selling it brand new was trying to sell it for double the price which is just insane . 

I resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't meant to be in my make up collection or my life then Space NK got a delivery and I had asked to be put on the list in case it came back into stock so this palette is very sentimental to me . 

I think out of all the Becca palettes I have in my collection this has the prettiest packaging that's for sure . 

At one point when I didn't have a lot of highlighters in my collection I used champagne pop so much not really prosecco pop because it's a bit dark for my skin tone sometimes though I will mix the two together which looks quite nice . 

Lets get into the swatches - 

Rose Spritz - rose spritz is definitely one of my favourite blushers by Becca it's a gorgeous blusher for summer it's one of Becca's luminous blushers. 

Amaretto - amaretto I don't really use that often it's one of Becca's mineral blushers that shade on my skin tone is more like a bronzer and I don't really use bronzers of that shade . 

Pamplemousse - Pamplemousse is another one of Becca's mineral blushers I tend to mix this one with rose spritz to get a nice glowy blush and gives me the chance to use pamplemousse more . 

Champagne Pop - champagne pop is definitely the highlighter in this palette I have used the most as you can see I have hit pan which happened just recently . Hitting pan on that highlighter came as a huge shock as I didn't think I had used it that much it must have been when I first got the palette. 

Champagne pop and prosecco pop are both simmering skin perfectors they are gorgeous highlighters with me having fair skin champagne pop works better for me this is why I have used it more 

Prosecco Pop - Prosecco Pop as you can see it's just a bit deeper then champagne pop if I go in with a light hand or mix it with champagne pop it really does look stunning . 

4. Becca blushed with light

I promise this post is not just about Becca face palettes I just love the formula of  Becca powders so their my favourite blushers to wear especially . 

Once again stunning packaging Becca are a little bit like too faced they get it right when they are putting products out everything from packaging to the product. 

For the longest time all I was using in this face palette was snapdragon which is that coral blush on the right as I thought that was the luminous blush in the palette . 

How wrong was I songbird is also a luminous blush which I found out recently when I pulled the palette for a shop my stash . 

Lets get into the swatches - 

Wisteria - wisteria is one of Becca's mineral blushers I hadn't used it in a long time before I swatched it I forgot how truly beautiful it is , its a beautiful mauve toned blusher which I don't use too often I am more of a peach / coral blusher girl. 

Songbird - songbird is also a mineral blusher but it looks very glowy on the skin it looks like one of Becca's luminescent blushers it's really pretty a brown blush but with an orange undertone so it makes it really unique. 

Snapdragon - Snapdragon is another one of my favourite blushers from Becca it's so glowy I love using this blush in the spring and summer . 

5.  Too Faced - Sweet Peach Glow Face Palette 

Again gorgeous packaging I am a sucker for a product that has nice packaging . 

This palette is just a gorgeous glowy face palette does what it says on the tin if you like a nice radiant finish to your skin this is the palette to use and again is another great palette to use in spring and summer . 

Lets do some swatches - 

This palette doesn't come with any names on which is a shame as I like to see what brands call products . 

I have no complaints at all with this palette the only reason it's so far down the list is I just reach for the other palettes more but with spring and summer approaching more maybe I will get the opportunity to use this more . 

All the products in this palette are right up my street with them all being glowy I just need to use it more . 

Thanks for reading as always it means so much to me 

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