Sunday 5 April 2020

Review & Swatches On Essence G'day Sydney

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I would talk about the Essence Cosmetics G'day Sydney eyeshadow palette I have always found Essence eyeshadows to be very hit and miss but I absolutely love this palette .

I bought this palette because I saw it in my local wilko for just £1 and got it more for the metallic eyeshadows .

The packaging on this palette is absolutely stunning that was another thing that drew me into buying the palette and for £1 you might as well try it right ? 

When I bought this palette I was definitely more drawn to the gorgeous metallic eyeshadows on the bottom row and I thought if I got use out of those eyeshadows it would be worth the money . 

I actually really like all the eyeshadows in this palette though I just wish they would have put names on the eyeshadows for a higher essence cosmetics eyeshadow palette I think they could have done that . 

In the palette you get 3 matte eyeshadows , You get a nice cream ivory shade that I like to put all over my eyelid so that the other eyeshadows go on well . 

Their is a light brown matte which is perfect for a transition eyeshadow in the crease and a dark brown matte which is perfect for the outer v and lash line . 

The only thing I don't like about the eyeshadows on the top row are the 2 champagne shimmer eyeshadows they are so similar I only use these for a inner corner highlight I think it's really unnecessary that essence cosmetics put both these in the palette . 

The palette would have been better if they just put one in and put a different eyeshadow in but that's my only gripe with the entire palette 

All the metallic eyeshadows in this palette are absolutely stunning . 

Lets Do Some Swatches 

Here are all the swatches from the first row you can just about see that cream ivory shadow and the 2 shimmer champagne eyeshadows are so similar the 3rd one in the palette is just a hair darker so I mix them together when I want to use these eyeshadows as a inner corner highlight . 

The brown matte eyeshadows are really pigmented and creamy and blend out really well . 

Lets move onto the bottom row of swatches 

Just look how beautiful and foiled these eyeshadows I love them all they look stunning all over the eyelids

I don't know if you can still buy this eyeshadow palette but it's well worth the money especially the £1 I paid for it . 

Thanks for reading as always it means so much to me. 

Stay Safe