Monday 27 April 2020


Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all well and staying safe ,

 Today I'm going to share my thoughts with you  on the Maybeline Superstay Matte liquid lipsticks and what I think of the formula etc .

I don't normally dedicate an entire post to a lipstick unless it's a collection of lipsticks that I want to talk about .

I picked this lipstick up from my local superdrug I want to say towards the end of 2019 .

I had heard great things about this particular liquid lipstick and when I heard about the collaboration Puma did with maybeline I just had to try it , look at the packaging it's super cute .

I got this lipstick because it's a great shade for autumn / winter it's such a nice colour the formula is amazing and has made me want to try more from the line .

This is what the lipstick looks like, so much darker then the packaging represents I like it though it's super pretty .

The shade of the lipstick is unapologetic and this lipstick is what I want all my liquid lipsticks to be highly pigmented , long lasting that they will wear off well and don't smudge with a lot of liquid lipsticks you find that they can be very unforgiving after you have eaten and had drinks but this one just stays put which I love .  

The price point of the lipsticks is quite good these are £9.99 and yes they are on the most expensive side of the drugstore but for a formula such as this you will pay much more for a higher end good liquid lipstick so it is worth the money . 

 Boots and Superdrug both have offers on these lipsticks from time to time if you get 1 you get 1 for half price or 3 for the price of  2 so it's best to look out for these offers and buy then I know I will 

I love how long lasting these lipsticks are and how the formula doesn't dry out your lips

watch this space for more reviews on other shades that I get ....

Thanks for reading as always 

Stay Safe