Sunday 26 April 2020


Hey lovelies,

How are you all doing, hope your well and are staying safe

I have recently been trying out the smaller 15 eyeshadow palettes from revolution the reloaded collection .

The first one I wanted to try was revolution reloaded - passion for colour I did a GRWM on my You  Tube channel if you want to go and watch it I'd really appreciate your support .

Here is the link ….


I have eight of these revolution reloaded palettes and I want to eventually do a least favourite to favourite review on all of them but for now lets talk about this gorgeous passion for colour palette. 

How pretty is this palette beauties for the price of just £5 I think it's a pure bargain I'm yet to see a brand bring out a colourful eyeshadow palette like this which is under £5 . 

When I did the GRWM I wanted to play with as much of the eyeshadows from this palette that's why my eyes have different colour eyeshadows on them , I really wanted to test the formula out . 

The comments on my you tube channel say that they prefer the left eye to the right eye guys what do you think ?

Lets talk about the eyeshadows I used in the palette then I will do the swatches of what the eyeshadows look like . 

I used the green from the top row on the inner and outer portion of my eye and then I used the peach toned orange from the middle row in the centre of my eyelid to give me that halo eye look . 
for mattes their really wasn't much choice for transition eyeshadows so this palette is not a stand alone palette it's more of a companion palette I would say. 

Left eye - 

I used my too faced chocolate bar which I didn't mind as that palette is part of project pan it's my pan that palette for 2020

The eyeshadows I used from that palette was white chocolate all over the eyelid as a base eyeshadow so that the rest of the eyeshadows would blend out nicely, I also used salted caramel which is my favourite crease eyeshadow from the too faced chocolate bar then I went in with the burnt orange eyeshadow from the revolution reloaded palette  just underneath salted caramel and the darker orange matte from the top row in my outer v and took it half way into my crease . I think it turned out really well

Right eye - 

for the right eye I wanted to go even bolder with the eye look that I created so I used the same eyeshadows from the too faced chocolate bar , the same mattes from the revolution reloaded palette but went in with the purple from the bottom row on the inner and outer corner of my eye and then in the centre of the eye I used the gold in the centre of my eyelid, in the inner corner on both of my eyelids I used the light pink in the middle row

Lets get into the swatches - 

Row 1 - 

One of the things I don't like about this palette and all the other revolution reloaded palettes revolution have numbered the eyeshadows and not named them , it's one of my pet peeves when brands take the easy option and number the eyeshadows but can we really expect anything more for the price ?  

What do you think about that does it bother you when a brand just number eyeshadows, lipsticks etc or are you not too bothered ? 

seriously though how pretty are shades 2 and 3 they are definitely my favourite from the first row. 

Row 2 - 

In my opinion the middle row isn't as good as the first row that 1st eyeshadow that I used in my inner corner barely has any pigment and is really crumbly, the best eyeshadow without a shadow of a dount is definitely that gorgeous peach orange eyeshadow number 7 and I also love number 9, number 8 is awful it's not matte not a shimmer it's like a hybrid eyeshadow a sheen and it's not at all pigmented and very rough to touch . 

I really like the matte burnt orange in the middle row too, my only complaint is I wish their was a cream ivory eyeshadow and a nice transition mid toned brown but it is a bright eyeshadow palette so I can't really complain

Row 3 - 

The 3rd and final row it does have some pretty eyeshadows in it like 11 a really pretty unique old gold but I have so many eyeshadows like this in my eyeshadow collection 10x over , the plum eyeshadow 12 is really pretty 13 is a matte purple but again not a true matte it has some sheen to it 14 is a gorgeous forrest green I would definitely say this is the nicest eyeshadow on the bottom row . 

I don't have too many complaints with this palette the main ones are the fact that the eyeshadows have numbers rather then names, that their isn't more matte eyeshadows and that it's more of a companion palette . 

The last thing I really don't like about this palette is the smell of it and I can't even put my finger on what it smells off but it's horrible , it doesn't even smell like that horrible chemical smell it just smells bad, 

I'm keeping the eyeshadow palette for the moment for the colour story as I do really love some of the shadows in it but I really don't like the smell . 

Other then that if you don't have a lot of eyeshadows in your collection and you want to try bright eyeshadows I would say this one is a good one to try , it's not the best formula that your ever going to try some of the shadows are crumbly and they have fall out but if you use a setting spray when you use the shadows they make the most gorgeous metallic eyeshadows so pretty . 

Thanks for reading as always beauties 

     Stay safe