Thursday 19 March 2020

Lets Talk Coronavirus

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all well and staying safe , this is not a post I thought I was even going to discuss on the blog . Let's Briefly Talk About Coronavirus i'm not at the point where I have to self isolate just yet although I don't think that stage is far off .

Their has been no mention of Coronavirus in the city where I live so far it was announced yesterday by the prime minister that the schools are now closing until further notice  and  I can only imagine it's a matter of time till we are all self isolating for now I am just trying to distance myself socially as much as I can . .

I will only go to town and on public transport when it's absolutely necessary like when I need shopping etc .

The reason for this is my mum is in the vulnerable category she nearly died just over 2 years ago and I am the only one who looks after her by doing her medication every week and going to her consultants appointments so like every one who looks after a relative who is classed in the vulnerable category I need to try and stay as healthy as possible .

If I couldn't be do her medication because I had to self isolate for 2 weeks I dread to think what would happen to her as she relies on me to do this every week for her also these tablets keep her alive .  I'm  trying to be prepared and doing up to 3 weeks worth of tablets so if I do have to self isolate then I won't have to worry about her not having enough medication .

My mum loves me going to visit her in the evening it stops her getting lonely and she doesn't have any other company and in all honesty neither do I so it works out well for both of us so if I can't go round and see her I will have to check in with her daily on the telephone

How Coronavirus Has Affected Me So Far 

Today I was supposed to be attending my very first job interview in quite some time and if it was just a one on one interview I would be more then happy to have attended  but it was also an assessment so there would be quite a lot of people their and the chances of getting coronavirus is a lot higher then it would be if it was just a one on one interview .
It's just so disappointing that I can't attend the interview today but there will be other interview i'm sure .

At the moment it's more important to make sure i'm healthy my own immune system is very low when it comes to illnesses I pick up everything .

I have asthma if I get a cold it can turn into a really bad chest infection  last year the doctors thought I had Leukeamia  luckily it wasn't that they think it might be my white blood cells .

I have to go back to see the Haemotologist in april i'm hoping all being well they will be able to tell me more and give me more info on what is exactly wrong with me so it's not just my mum that I have to take care off it's also myself .

Thanks for reading the next post will be a fun one about make up