Friday 13 March 2020

That Perfect Interview Look Using CT Natural Beauty Eye & Face Palette & CT Colour Chamelon In Champagne Diamonds

Hello Lovelies,

How are we all doing hope your all well

I've been looking for work and have recently been called for an assessment day & Interview so I was thinking about  make up and what was appropriate for a job interview and decided on a nice simple eye and face look and thought what better to use then the Charlotte Tilbury Eye & Face Palette it's the five minute look in a palette the first one that she brought out the Natural Beauty Palette. 

I love charlotte tilbury's packaging its so luxurious 

This palette is great for that everyday look and perfect to take when you are on the go as you get all the eye and face products you need you just need to take your make up brushes along . 

When I was going through my make up collection I just wanted to find something that would give me that eye and face look and is perfect for interviews and work . 

Products in the palette

You get 3 really natural everyday eyeshadows a brighten shade , enhance and a smoke eyeshadow (swatches will follow later )

A bronzer which is different to the bronzer in the CT Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette it's more for fair skin and is quite a glowy bronzer. 

A Highlighter which is absolutely stunning I actually forgot how gorgeous this highlight looked on the skin really natural and luminous . 

2 blushers one swish which is the darker mauve blusher and then the pop blush is more pink cool toned . 

Time for the swatches 

Eyeshadows  -

I've swatched the eyeshadows a couple of times so that the camera would pick up the colours of the eyeshadows . 

Charlotte tilbury eye and face powders are super nice and creamy and blend out so well. 

Onto the face products 

I do love the face products much more then the eyeshadows I do have admit the bronzer is matte and it has a nice glow to it which are my favourite kind of bronzers to use . 

The swish blush from the palette is my favourite although I do mix them both together  . 

Pop is a baby pink blush which isn't normally the type of blush that I like to use I love coral / peach blushers and have got more of those in my blush collection. 

Both blushers look really nice together though 

I think out of the products in this palette the highlighter is my favourite, how glowy is that highlighter guys it's beautiful . 

sometimes I find it difficult to find a nice highlighter and bronzer as I am so fair but these are just perfect for my skin tone and I will definitely be making more use out of this palette in the future . 

I loved how glowy and natural eye and face look, starting with eyes I used the brighten eyeshadow all over my eye lids them I used the smoke eyeshadow in the crease and buffed it out with the swish blush which looked really nice . 

The enhance eyeshadow isn't as pigmented as I would liked so I used the CT Colour Chameleon in Champagne Diamonds as it's a very similar eyeshadow to the enhance eyeshadow in the eye and face palette but with some sparkle . 

When I put the champagne diamonds all over the eye lid and then applied the enhance eyeshadow it looked truly beautiful the glitter from the champagne diamonds pencil made the enhance eyeshadow so much brighter and more pigmented . 

I love how glowy my skin looks this palette is one of those palettes that I have barely used I need to bring it out of my collection more . 

It's great when you don't have much time and you want a really simple eye and face look . 

Thanks for reading your continued support means so much to me