Saturday 7 March 2020

First Impressions / Review On Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Lovelies,

This is a bit of an impromptu post but I have  been using the UD Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette for the last week and I just had to share my thoughts with you along with a very simple eye look that I created  .

First of all how gorgeous is the packaging to this palette and it's much sturdier then the other UD Naked Palettes as they come in a tin package and this one is sturdy plastic with a great mirror .

I got the eyeshadow palette on black Friday and actually put it away as a present to myself for Christmas .

I've been focusing on using my make up revolution chocolate bar palettes for the last couple of months as I want to do a best to worst on those palettes and free some room up in my collection and de-clutter some as they are quite bulky so this palette just hasn't been getting the love it deserves .

These eyeshadows are my type of eyeshadows a very neutral eyeshadow palette with some stunning shades of gold especially the gorgeous honey eyeshadow it's so bright and foiled looks gorgeous all over the eyelid . 

In the eyeshadow palette there are 7 matte eyeshadows and 5 shimmer metallic eyeshadows 

Matte Eyeshadows - 

Fly By - is more of a satin matte eyeshadow a nice white that looks good in the inner corner to brighten , all over the eyelid as a base and on the brow bone as a highlight . 

Sweet - is a gorgeous light brown matte a gorgeous eyeshadow to use in the crease as a transition eyeshadow . 

Swarm - is a light mustard eyeshadow its a nice eyeshadow to use over the top of sweet to deepen it out . 

Keeper - is a true mustard  matte eyeshadow a shade or two darker then swarm . 

Hive - is still in the mustard family but it has more of a brown undertone compared to swarm and keeper . 

Drip - is a matte brown with only a little bit of a mustard undertone 

Sting - is a matte dark brown eyeshadow which would make a gorgeous smokey eye or a great eyeliner 

Here are the swatches for the matte eyeshadows - 

Shimmer/ Metallic - 

Amber - is a gorgeous gold shimmer with a bronze undertone 

Golden - is just that a shimmer light gold eyeshadow 

Honey - is a very unique bright gold metallic shimmer eyeshadow which is just absolutely amazing all over the eye lid 

Queen  - is another really unique shimmer eyeshadow it's a bronze with a gold duo chrome it's so pretty and unique 

HBIC - is a bronze shimmer a little bit lighter then amber . 

Shimmer swatches - 

*** My Favourite Eye Look With The UD Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette ***

I used Fly By as an eyeshadow base and also on my brow bone, Sweet in the crease , Swarm over the top to deepen out sweet, Keeper in the outer v and blended it in the crease to deepen out swarm and then applied Honey all over the eye lid . 

Out of all the looks I created when I used this palette this look has to be my favourite I just love it . 

Thoughts on this palette are as follows it's a great eyeshadow palette and I love having it in my eyeshadow collection even though it is a neutral eyeshadow palette it's like nothing I own. . 

I've used most of the eyeshadows so I feel like I can give a genuine review on the palette I do love it but their is a lot of fall out with this palette more so then with some of my less expensive make up revolution eyeshadow palettes . 

Some of the darker matte eyeshadows swatch quite patchy their very creamy though and blend out really well . 

I have more of a problem with the metallic / shimmer eyeshadows it doesn't matter if you apply the eyeshadows with your fingers or with a brush you get a crazy amount of fall out . I've never had that with my other urban decay eyeshadow palettes . 

It is something I can live with though as they are such beautiful shimmers and look gorgeous all over the eye lid. 

Honey is a different formula to the rest of the eyeshadows more foiled and when I have applied the eye shadow with my finger it gets hard pan which really isn't great as it's the best way to get your eyeshadow to be more pigmented is to apply it with your fingers . 

Other then that I really don't have anything negative to say about this eyeshadow palette it's a gorgeous eyeshadow palette. 

I got it for such a bargain when the black friday sale was on at Debenhams it normally retails for £42 and on that day it was selling for £24 . 

I honestly think if it hadn't been on sale I would not have got it the last high end palette I got was Too Faced Chocolate Gold I think that was about 2 years ago now and again I only bought that because it was on sale for 20% off . 

I've been buying more drugstore make up mainly from make up revolution or if I see a good deal at tk maxx I will buy from there . 

I just think £42 is excessive for an eyeshadow palette my money could be better spent on other things but £24 for a eyeshadow palette by UD that has not long been out with a colour story that I love I had to buy it . 

To my knowledge Debenhams have never done a 40% sale on make up I was so surprised the most discount I have ever got from them is 20%

What's your thoughts on this eyeshadow palette ? 

Thanks for reading