Sunday 16 February 2020

My Top Five Bronzers / Recommendations For Fair Skin

Hello Lovelies,

Ever since I posted my top five highlighters for fair skin I have wanted to share my top five bronzers for fair skin with you all , I found this really difficult more difficult then picking my top five highlighters for fair skin .

It's not because I have a lot of  bronzers in my  collection but because the ones I do have I love all of them and I had to really think about what I use the most, the bronzers that bring me the most joy and here they are .

                 1. Too Faced - Milk Chocolate Soleil

First of all like all Too Faced packaging it's stunning very simple but yet elegant ....

I got this bronzer last July and it's quickly become my favourite bronzer in my collection . I love the smell of this bronzer and all the other cocoa scented products that too faced do they just smell delicious . 

This bronzer is the lightest bronzer in my collection and is great for my fair skin it blends out really well . 

You can see how well loved it is I have pretty much wore the milk chocolate writing off it 

If you have fair skin I would definitely recommend this one . 

2. Too Faced Bronzed Peach - Toasted Peach 

Up next is another Too Faced bronzer with cute packaging I wasn't sure if this bronzer was going to be one of the bronzers that I was going to love as it's a cream to powder formula but I absolutely love wearing this bronzer and it's definitely a favourite  .

It is quite a warm toned bronzer but it doesn't look orange on my fair skin like a lot of warm toned bronzers do that's why I love it so much .

This bronzer is also scented it smells of Peach & Sweet Fig  it smells delicious and blends out on the skin like a dream just like the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil  Bronzer .

Again you can see just how much I love this bronzer as the writing that said Too Faced and the peach has worn away .

                           3. Physicians Formula - Sexy Booster Bronzer 

This is another bronzer I absolutely love as it has both a matte side on either side of the bronzer and then the corset is a radiance bronzer .

If you mix both the matte side and the radiant side of the bronzer it gives a gorgeous radiant glow .

I do like the packaging of this bronzer it is only cardboard but I love the cute little stiletto on the front of the packaging it makes the bronzer look feminine and cute .

Another bronzer from my collection that has got a lot of love I've hit pan on the side of the bronzer .

The sides of the bronzer have a lot less bronzer then the middle were the corset is .

Because I have hit pan on this bronzer I am thinking about putting it into my rolling project pan for 2020 and seeing how much of the bronzer I can use up this year .

                4. Natural Collection Bronzer - Sunshine 

This bronzer is the most inexpensive bronzer in my collection and one of my favourite it looks gorgeous on the skin.

Natural Collection do 3 different shades for fair skin , medium and darker skin tones which I think is really good that it has a few shade ranges for £2.99

The packaging is pretty basic but you have to expect that as it's such an inexpensive bronzer , I do really like the fact that it is in white packaging rather then black though it looks so much nicer .

This bronzer in the shade Sunshine just looks stunning on fair skin and is one that I use regularly I just love it and again you can see how much as I have nearly wore all the writing off it . 

5. Maybeline City Bronzer - Medium Warm 250 

Again the packaging on this bronzer isn't that special Maybeline have tried to make it look good with the front of the packaging being gold but once you open it you do see that black plastic casing and it does look cheaply made against some of the other bronzers in my collection.

 Then again  what can you expect it is only £7.99 and the most important thing is that the product inside  is good  and also a lot of drugstore brands use black plastic casing like this which I personally don't like .

I would prefer it if they did what Natural Collection have done  and changed it from black to white it just looks much more classy.

The bronzer is gorgeous another one that is warm but not to warm that makes you look orange if your really fair like myself. 

Lets do some swatches ….

Here are all the swatches I had to swatch them 3 or 4 times that is why they look so pigmented … The too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer doesn't show up on one or two swatches this is what I like about it, its a bronzer that you can build up . 

The too faced bronzed peach looks so dark and it is a darker bronzer then milk chocolate but once blended out it just looks beautiful and gives such a glow to the skin . 

The physicians formula is a lot lighter I didn't realise just how much lighter it is as it doesn't look that light in the pan but again it gives a radiant glow on the skin . 

The natural collection bronzer is a matte bronzer with a radiant glow 

The only truly matte bronzers from my top five are too faced milk chocolate soleil and maybeline city bronzer all the others have a radiance to them which I love . 

Here are my favourite bronzers what are yours ? 

Thanks for reading as always it means the world