Saturday 1 February 2020

My Top Five Highlighters / Recommendationsr For Fair Skin

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I would talk about my favourite highlighters that look good on fair skin tone and give some recommendations so here we go .

First of all lets talk about my favourite and is one of the more expensive highlighters in my collection .Guys it's so worth the money that I paid for it it's super smooth doesn't show any texture it's just beautiful . 

This highlighter is the Dior Skin Nude Air Luminizer in the shade 002 as you can see it's very well loved the logo on the highlighter is wearing off it's a stunning pink highlighter that looks stunning on fair skin and is great for more mature woman like myself as it just doesn't show the texture . 

Another favourite highlighter between the Dior one and this Too Faced Blinded By The Light I honestly don't know which one I prefer the most .

The Dior one is a lot smoother so it would probably be that one in 1st place and then the too faced in at a very close 2nd place .

Too Faced Blinded by the light is more of a champagne one but does have a slight pink undertone then the Dior one but when swatched on the back of the hand they look very similar .

This is such a beautiful highlighter and if you live in the UK you can still get this from Debenhams online . I thought it was limited edition until I checked . I think at the time when I bought this their was 3 shades and this was the lightest the other 2 would have been way too dark for my skin tone this one is perfect however .

Next up in 3rd place is my Mary Lou-manizer by the balm this is another stunning highlighter for fair skin and so smooth too. 

Mary Lou-Manizer has more of a gold undertone to it where the previous 2 highlighters are more pink toned .

Swatched against the Dior and Too Faced Highlighters it looks like it has a very gold tone to it but it looks really nice on my fair skin it's not too dark .

I can just about get away with using this highlighter if it was any darker I wouldn't be able to use it .

I think this is the most inexpensive highlighter in my collection and it performs like a high end highlighter it's just as creamy as the Dior highlighter I have it's just such an amazing highlighter for the price point .

I love this highlighter the one thing I don't like about it is the packaging the plastic is really flimsy but what can you expect for £2.99 .

This Technic highlighter is the same shade as the Dior one and looks  even smoother on my skin then the Dior one which I honestly never realised before until I swatched them all side by side for this post

I'll be showing the swatches at the end of this post so you can see them all and I will do them in order of how I talked about them

Last but certainly not least is this make up revolution highlighter in the shade goddess of faith again its a gorgeous creamy pink highlighter which is very similar in shade to both the Dior and Too Faced highlighters its absolutely stunning . 

Time for the swatches ….

These are all the swatches of my top five highlighters in my collection and I have 21 highlighters more then anyone can use in their lifetime but I just adore highlighter . 

I definitely think these are the best ones in my collection for my skin tone the balm mary lou-manizer is a bit dark with a light hand it does really blend into my skin that's the darkest highlighter I would be able to wear though unless I was tanned . 

All the other highlighters apart from mary lou=manizer look so similar in tone . 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this thought I would do something different on the blog today . 

Thanks for reading as always means a great deal to me