Thursday 23 January 2020

Make Up Revolution New-trals VS Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I would do a review on a eyeshadow palette I have had in my collection awhile but it has hardly gotten any love.

This eyeshadow palette was released quite awhile ago and you can tell that by the packaging but don't be put off by the packaging that can be deceptive .

Just look at the eyeshadows in this palette they are stunning especially the peachy matte eyeshadows at the top of the palette. 

I had been thinking about getting the too faced peachy matte eyeshadow palette before I pulled this out of my make up collection recently I didn't think I had any peach matte eyeshadows in my collection until I found this eyeshadow palette. 

I remember looking at it a few months ago in my eyeshadow drawer and mentally putting it on the chopping block saying to myself if I don't like it I will declutter it from the collection . 

It's just such a stunning eyeshadow palette and now on the make up revolution website it's on sale for just £3.50 which is a bargain and I am thinking about maybe ordering a new one and decluttering this one from my eyeshadow collection . 

I used this palette a lot when I pulled it out of my eyeshadow collection for a recent shop my stash unfortunately I didn't take that many photos of the different eye looks that I created  with it . 

Here is one of the looks I just love it it's a gorgeous peachy eye look with bronze on the eyelids . 

Again this is another look that I created with more of a rose gold eyeshadow on the eyelid this look really does look peachy . 

Now onto the swatches and to talk about the eyeshadows in the palette 

This is the first row of swatches 

Bias - is a champagne shimmer eyeshadow that looks gorgeous as a inner corner highlight . 

Neutral - is a cool toned brown matte eyeshadow which is nice to have as a transition eyeshadow . 

Personal - is a shimmer peach that looks stunning all over the eyelid especially when used with vogue and trend . 

Vogue - is probably one of the nicest eyeshadows in the palette it's a gorgeous matte peach eyeshadow . 

Trend - is a matte brown with a red undertone absolutely stunning .

New-tral - is a shimmer  brick red eyeshadow which looks so nice all over the eyelids . 

Tone - is a matte red with a brown undertone  just a little bit darker then new-tral which looks really nice on the lash line and the outer corner of your eyes to give a nice smoky eye. 

Custom - is a dark brown matte eyeshadow which also looks good on the lash line and outer corner to smoke your eye look out 

Lets move onto the final row of swatches 

Cool - is a cream ivory matte eyeshadow which I use all over the eye lid to set my base and if you have a deeper skin tone then mine you can use it as a matte brow bone highlight . 

Style - is a shimmer pink eyeshadow which is not really to my taste I don't really wear a lot of pink on my eyelids . 

Partial - is a mauve purple shimmer that looks stunning all over the eyelid . 

Mode - is a gorgeous gold shimmer eyeshadow which looks absolutely amazing all over the eyelids . 

Adapt - is a cool toned matte brown very similar to the neutral eyeshadow in the top row 

Buff - is a brown with a bronze undertone shimmer eyeshadow its absolutely beautiful all over the eyelids . 

Suit - is a grey with a brown undertone another cool toned matte eyeshadow

Strong - is a matte plum shade with fine particles of glitter 

So what do I think of the eyeshadow palette ? 

So my thoughts on this eyeshadow palette is that the eyeshadows in the palette are of the older formula by make up revolution . I do think over the last couple of years especially make up revolutions eyeshadow formula as improved so much . 

I think there are definitely some great things about this eyeshadow palettes like the fact that it has nice peach toned eyeshadows in it and that is what I originally pulled it out of my eyeshadow collection for . 

If those eyeshadows wasn't in it however it would definitely be getting a declutter from my collection as I have other eyeshadows in my collection with the other eyeshadows in this palette . 

I think if I ever got the too faced peachy mattes this would get decluttered and here is why the cool toned brown eyeshadows although it is good to have one in the palette for a nice transition eyeshadow . 

I think having 2 or 3 cool toned eyeshadows in one palette is over kill for me personally I would have preferred to have a couple more peach eyeshadows but it is called the New-trals VS Neutrals eyeshadow palette and not the peach palette . 

Also New-tral and Tone are very similar in shade tone just has more of a red undertone . 

I like the palette I just wish make up revolution would have given a bit more variety and not put so many eyeshadows in the palette that looked the same . 

while doing the swatches I made a decision I was thinking about buying a new palette I've decided I won't be doing this now . It's not that I don't like the eyeshadow palette I do and I got a lot of use out of it when I used it for that week . I'm just going to use this eyeshadow palette for the more peachy tones and then when they are gone I will declutter from the collection 

Has anyone tried this eyeshadow palette what are your thoughts ? 

Thanks for reading