Wednesday 5 February 2020

My Top Five Favourite Blushers / Recommendations For Fair Skin

Hello Lovelies,

After recently posting my top five highlighters for fair skin I thought I would share with you my top five favourite blushers for fair skin .

In 1st place it has to be this Clinique Cheek Pop in the shade Ginger Pop  without a shadow of a doubt it's just a stunning peach blush and works so well with my skin tone .

The packaging really isn't that special it's quite sturdy and I don't feel like the plastic will break anytime soon which is good  but it's just clear plastic.

The main attraction is the blusher and the lovely floral design on the blusher it's so pretty

Doesn't this just look like a stunning blusher I will show you swatches at the end of all the blushers . 
The formula on the Clinique blush is satin so it has a nice glow without it having glitter in it . 

I definitely want to get more of these Clinique Cheek Pop Blushers for my collection . 

In 2nd Place  is Anastasia Beverly Hills Peachy Love again it's one of my favourites this is quite a new blush in my collection , I got it towards the end of last year from TK Maxx at a steal I only paid £8.99 and the RRP is £33 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Peachy Love blusher comes in gorgeous sleek packaging I can certainly see why the price tag is high

Such gorgeous blushers in the peachy love trio without a doubt the orange toned blusher in the shade Miami has to be my favourite blusher in the trio and looks amazing on fair skin . 

I mix Nectarine and Ginger together and that looks so pretty but without a doubt the Miami blush is what made me buy this palette it's such a unique blush . 

All the blushers in the Anastasia Beverly Hills trio are matte blushers the formula is so smooth and they blend out like a dream . 

In third place is an oldie but a goodie and was my first high end blusher that I purchased it's Nars Orgasm 

There are pros and cons to the packaging on this blusher I like that it's black nice and sleek …. What I don't like so much is the packaging it is  made out of a rubberised material and you can see your fingerprints on this so easily . 

I honestly think Nars could come up with a better material to use for their product for the amount they cost . 

The blusher itself though is absolutely stunning a nice peach coloured blush which is a glowy blush it has fine particles of glitter in it  which makes the blush look a stunning rose gold . 

I bought this blush a couple of years ago when they made it limited edition the insert is too cute to throw away so I have kept it inside the blush . 

It is one of my older blushers so I have put it in my project pan for this year in the hope that I will use it more . 

In fourth Place that has to go to my too faced papa don't peach blusher , I wasn't sure which one I liked more nars or too faced in the end the nars blush won by a fraction . 

You can see that I have definitely given this blush a lot of use I'm wearing the peach of it it's very similar in shade too the nars orgasm  this is why I didn't know if I preferred this too faced one or the nars . 

Again it's another stunning peach blush I don't think they sell this anymore I've not seen it on the Debenhams website but if your fair and you like peach blushers and you can get hold of this blusher I would highly recommend it . 

In Fifth place is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush In the shade Luminous Flush . 

Like with all Hourglass products they do a great job with their packaging it feels so luxurious and it should for the price point it's pretty expensive but worth every penny . 

This blusher is just a mini travel size I have quite a big blusher collection so I don't feel like I need to get full size products so if I see products that are travel size not only do I save a bit of money but also space in my collection . 

Just look at that blusher isn't she a beauty a bit different from the other blushers I have shown this one is quite pink but not too pink it's just perfect and looks stunning on the skin . 

Time For The Swatches ….

Just look at that Clinique ginger pop it's absolutely stunning I can't believe I wasn't going to buy it as the woman in my local boots who worked on the Clinique counter said it was a matte blusher it's quite clearly a satin blush definitely my fave . 

Looking at it now in the swatch here nars orgasm is much deeper then the too faced papa don't peach both really nice blushers but I definitely prefer nars orgasm 

The hourglass blushers are very subtle blushers which are great as I have a tendency to go a bit wild with my blusher you can't really do that with the hourglass blushers . 

In this swatch I have swatched luminous flush four times and it still doesn't look dark which I really like . 

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this post it really does mean a lot to me . 

What is your favourite blush I would love to know