Friday 17 January 2020

Testing Primark PS Nudes Glow Duo Eyeshadow First Impressions

Hello Lovelies,

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the PS Nudes Glow Eyeshadow Duos I have all 3 that Primark came out with but today I just want to talk about the 2 that I have used recently on my you tube channel when I did a Try It Thursday GRWM Using Primark Make Up 

Here is the link if you would like to watch it Try It Thursday GRWM Testing Primark Make Up 

Lets talk about the eye shadow duos

Firstly the packaging I just love for such inexpensive eyeshadows the RRP is £2.50 but I got these eyeshadows for just £1 in the sale . I think the packaging looks quite expensive the plastic is quite tough not cheaply made at all .

The packaging looks even nicer when opened with the peach surround lets talk about the eyeshadows and what my thoughts are on them . 

This is the look that I created and I have to say I love it .... I used all 4 eyeshadows starting off with the peach matte eyeshadow in the crease as a transition eyeshadow then I used the dark brown matte eyeshadow just underneath . 

In the end you could barely see the peach eyeshadow it did make the matte brown eyeshadow look less opaque which I found nice . 

All over the lid I used the burnt orange pressed glitter it's a duo chrome it looks orange and then in the light it looks a yellow orange gold it's just so STUNNING ..... I do need to say though it's not this pigmented without a glitter glue . 

I tried it without my glitter glue and I wasn't happy with the pigmentation but I think that's understandable with it being a pressed glitter . 

In the inner corner I used the peach pressed glitter which is also a gorgeous duo chrome I also want to see what this looks like all over the eye lid . 

Once I do that I will post a blog post and let you know my thoughts on that eyeshadow so far my thoughts on these eyeshadows are great . 

I love duo chrome eyeshadows and they were such a great price I wanted to at least give them a try . 
The burnt orange pressed glitter is definitely my favourite . 

Final thoughts on the eyeshadows I definitely think they are worth the money even at the RRP if you see these in your local Primark and you like pressed glitters I would highly recommend them 

Thanks for reading