Sunday 12 January 2020

Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions First Impressions, Review & Eye Looks Created With The Palette

Hello Lovelies,

I got the Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette for Christmas and thought I would share my thoughts .

Happy New Year everyone seems weird saying that as we are well into the new year this is the first post that I have done since December so it's my only chance to wish you all a Happy New Year hope you all had an amazing Christmas .

Back to my thoughts on the beautiful Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette...

The packaging on these little palettes are always stunning and Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions is no exception it's truly beautiful . 
I was drawn to this eyeshadow palette because I love green and I don't have many green eyeshadows in my collection so I thought this was perfect. 
Another reason I wanted to try some more of these palettes from Huda Beauty is because I got Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions which is also a unique palette in my collection and i absolutely love it .

It really is a beautiful eyeshadow palette and i can see myself getting a lot of use out of it . I used it for a full week this last week and did take some photographs of what the eyeshadows looked like first things first though lets talk about the eyeshadows . 

Top Row left to right 

I would say the first eyeshadow is more of a eyeshadow topper it's not that pigmented it's very reflective though and looks very nice in the inner corner or would make a nice eyeshadow for a halo eye it's a gorgeous green silver eyeshadow more of a glitter then a metallic or shimmer . 

Next we have the mint green matte eyeshadow which looks lovely in the pan I have used it a few times when I tested out this palette and on all occasions that I used it there was dye on my eyelid where the eyeshadow had been which was really disappointing as this is a gorgeous green . I won't be using this eyeshadow on my eyes I hate it when eyeshadows dye my eyelids . I can understand it when dark eyeshadows do that but i wouldn't have thought this mint green eyeshadow would do that . I thought it would of been the dark green matte eyeshadow on the middle row if anything . 

The last eyeshadow on the top row again is not that pigmented until you use a glitter glue then it just looks amazing this is a blue green which is definitely unique to my eyeshadow collection I don't have anything like it . 

Middle Row left to right 

The deep green  shimmer eyeshadow is highly pigmented and gives a gorgeous smoky eye it's absolutely stunning . 

My favourite shimmer in this palette has to be the forrest green shimmer eyeshadow it's so pigmented and looks stunning all over the eyelid . 

The last eyeshadow in the middle row is the dark green matte which looks gorgeous in the crease 

Last Row left to right 

I love that their is a khaki matte eyeshadow palette it looks really nice with that khaki shimmer eyeshadow that is in the eyeshadow palette 

Next their is the khaki shimmer eyeshadow which looks stunning all over the eyelid . 

Last but certainly by no means least is a yellow toned golden green and their is so many ways to use this eyeshadow that is why I love it so much . You can use it as a inner corner highlight , all over the eyelids also looks stunning and in the centre of the high to create a gorgeous highlight . 

Time For The Eye Looks I Created 

I absolutely love this eye look I think it was my favourite eye looks that I created using the Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette . 
The Eyeshadows I used were the mint green eyeshadow in the crease then I went in with the deeper matte dark green eyeshadow , the gorgeous forrest green all over the eyelid and the silver green eyeshadow in the inner corner . Then on the lash line I used the green matte eyeshadow and went over with the forrest green shimmer eyeshadow . I really liked how I turned out . 

When I did this look I made it quite simple I wanted to see if it was definitely that matte mint green eyeshadow that was leaving dye on my eyelids and not any of the other matte eyeshadows that I had been using . As it turns out it was the matte mint green eyeshadow that was the problem which is such a shame as I really like this look and now because it's leaving a residue behind when I apply it I just won't use it anymore . 

 I used the mint green matte eyeshadow in the crease and then just used the eyeshadow topper it's like a pressed glitter all over the crease because it's not pigmented I used my too faced shadow insurance glitter glue so it would look more pigmented 

This was the last photograph I took I created a halo eyeshadow look by using the khaki matte eyeshadow in the crease then I used the khaki shimmer eyeshadow in the inner corner and outer corner of my eyelid and then in the centre I used the yellow green from the bottom row of the eyeshadow palette and used the silver green eyeshadow topper in the inner corner of my eye . 

Final Thoughts ….

Here are my final thoughts on the Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions I do really like it and I am glad to have it in my eyeshadow collection the one thing I don't like about this eyeshadow palette is the formula of the eyeshadows don't feel consistant especially with the shimmers . I will continue to use it but it has been disappointing eyeshadow palette . I think I just expected it to be as good as Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions and it's just not …. 

The one big let down for me is that mint green matte eyeshadow as I said earlier what does everyone think have you got this eyeshadow palette have you noticed that eyeshadow dyes your eyelid ? 

Thanks for reading