Sunday 19 January 2020

Jena Frumes Loves PS Bronze & Highlight Duo Review

Hello Lovelies

I have added a few more make up products to my collection since Christmas and one of them is this gorgeous Bronzer & Highlighter collaboration that Primark x Jena Frumes did together .
I'll be honest I didn't need another bronzer in my collection or a highlighter but when I saw that it was on sale I was curious and thought I would give it a try .

Although the packaging is cardboard and might not be to everyone's taste I actually quite like it . It doesn't look cheap which is always a plus when I am buying a product. 
I like that the packaging is peach with leopard print which is very on trend at the moment . 

It's a split pan duo you get the highlighter which is Radiance and the Bronzer which is called Warm 

I have used the Bronzer a little bit more then the highlighter but I love both products and think that both Jena Frumes and Primark did a really good job on this collaboration . 
I love the detail on the bronzer that it mirrors the leopard print theme on the front of the packaging . 

The highlighter is probably a little bit deep for my skin tone I have very fair skin I tried it again yesterday with a light hand it looked really pretty . 

I'm wearing the bronzer and highlight in this photo I think it looks really natural and even though the highlighter is a little bit deep for my skin tone I think it worked out well. 

I was surprised to see the Jena Frumes make up collaboration on sale I only picked up the bronzer and highlighter duo because I knew I was going to get make up for Christmas and to be honest I have more then enough make up 

The formula of both the bronzer and the highlighter is really nice the bronzer is more creamy then the highlighter and just glides onto the skin . 

I feel like I will get more use out of the bronzer as I have quite a lot of highlighters that are a lot lighter then this one but I will continue to use it and I am glad I have it in my collection 

Thanks for reading