Tuesday 17 December 2019

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review , Looks & Swatches

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would talk about the stunning Too Faced Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette.

Like all Too Faced products the packaging is stunning and the packaging on this palette is different too the other chocolate bar palettes .
This packaging is made of hard plastic while the other too faced chocolate bars have all been tin . 

This palette is just so freaking stunning I love the fact that you get neutral metallic eye shadows and their are some great pops of colour in the eye shadow palette as well . 

Most of the eyeshadows are metallics and their are 4 matte eyeshadows I love that you get transition eyeshadows in this palette . 

Like all the Too Faced Chocolate Bars it is infused with cocoa powder it smell A-MAZING....

Eyeshadows - 

Moneybags - is a gorgeous green metallic eyeshadow this is what drew me to the palette initially it's one of my favourite eyeshadows in the palette. 

Chocolate Gold - is a unique gold eyeshadow that just looks stunning on blue eyes really makes them pop 

Rich Girl - is a gorgeous mink metallic eyeshadow that looks stunning all over the eyelid 

Cocoa Truffle - is a matte brown eyeshadow that I use to deepen out my crease  it's a really beautiful eyeshadow and blends out like a dream . 

Decadent - is a black matte eyeshadow that I sometimes use to deepen out the crease to give that nice smokey eye look 

Love & Cocoa - is a gorgeous bronze metallic eyeshadow that is stunning all over the eyelid . 

Old Money - is another unique metallic eyeshadow it's a rusty gold almost like a burnt orange it's so stunning . 

New Money - is a metallic eyeshadow that I didn't think I would like it's absolutely stunning all over the eyelid . I never thought I would wear a bright pink eyeshadow but this is a truly beautiful eyeshadow . 

Famous - is a metallic gold eyeshadow that's stunning and looks beautiful all over the eyelid 

Classy & Sassy - is a metallic rose gold eyeshadow that's truly beautiful 

So Boujee - is a lovely matte brown lighter then Cocoa Truffle it's a great crease eyeshadow and like Cocoa Truffle blends out really well . 

Holla For A Dolla - is a gorgeous metallic khaki eyeshadow a very unique eyeshadow to this palette .

Gold Dipped - is a gorgeous light gold metallic with mink eyeshadow it's truly beautiful 

Livin Lavish - is a gorgeous metallic purple this is another eyeshadow that I thought I might not like but I absolutely love it 

Drippin Diamonds - Is the most stunning silver metallic eyeshadow that I have in my eyeshadow collection it looks truly beautiful 

Rollin in Dough - is the one eyeshadow that I use the most it's a gorgeous ivory base shade that I use all over the eyelid . If you have a deeper skintone then me it will make a great matte highlight . 

Swatches - 

How vibrant are these eyeshadows their so beautiful this is my favourite eyeshadow palette and that says a lot as I have so many eyeshadow palettes in this collection . 

So that's all the eyeshadows in the palette and I can honestly say that I like every eyeshadow in this palette . 

The only eyeshadow that I won't use often is decadent but that's because I don't use black eyeshadows . 

Eye Looks Using This Eyeshadow Palette - 

In this photo I used Rollin In Dough all over the eyelid as a eyeshadow base ,  chocolate gold all over the eyelids, So Boujee in the crease , Cocoa &Truffle to deepen out the crease . 
look how that chocolate gold metallic eyeshadow makes blues eyes pop it's truly beautiful 

I really loved using this New Money metallic eyeshadow I was really surprised it's such a vibrant fuscia pink . I used the drippin diamonds silver metallic eyeshadow in the inner corner , So Boujee in the crease and cocoa & Truffle to deepen it out and used Rollin In Dough all over the eyelid for the base eyeshadow 

I love this eye look so much 

I don't normally wear silver eyeshadows I wanted to try this eyeshadow as I wanted to give a review on all the eyeshadows in this palette . 
I really like this gorgeous silver eyeshadow this one in particular looks wet on your eyes and is a great metallic . 

It looks absolutely stunning 

Another look that I loved I used Rollin In Dough as a base eyeshadow, So Boujee all over the crease , Cocoa & Truffle to deepen out the crease , Drippin Diamonds in the inner corner 

Here are just a few of the eye looks that I created when I used this eyeshadow palette . 
I would definitely recommend this eyeshadow palette it's stunning from time to time it goes on sale and I would definitely recommend it if it was to go on sale . 

Thanks For Reading