Sunday 1 December 2019

Too Faced Gingerbread Cookie, Too Faced Peppermint Mocha & Too Faced Egg Nog Latte Review

Hello Lovelies,

Hope your all well it's been a hot minute since I last posted a month fly's by so easily.
Since we are in the holiday season I thought I would talk to you about these holiday palettes that came out a few years ago .

I recently pulled all 3 of these holiday palettes for a recent shop my stash as I have so many eye shadow palettes in my collection and at the moment I am looking to declutter eyeshadow palettes in particular. I have far too many eye shadow palettes in my collection and honestly I thought I would declutter these palettes .

When I tried these palettes when I first bought them I just wasn't happy with the pressed glitter eyeshadows the matte eyeshadows and I really liked the face products, In fact the face products is why I kept them around .

I actually decluttered all 3 of these eye shadow palettes into my face palette drawer as that is what I used them for and was thinking about taking the face products out and putting them into a magnetic palette .

I didn't want to be wasteful though too faced are a very expensive product so I wanted to give all three of these palettes another go before I decluttered them from my collection.

                                               Too Faced Gingerbread Cookie 

First of all how cute is the packaging of this little palette with the gingerbread man on the front i'm sure that's where too faced got the idea to release  a too faced gingerbread palette which I don't have .

I've always loved the look of this eyeshadow palette but found it so frustrating as the pressed glitters just didn't show up on your eyes the way they looked in the pan.
I don't know why I never thought about it before but once I used a glitter glue wow the pigment was so much better .

I'm glad I tried my too faced glitter glue I was getting so frustrated with seeing these eyeshadows in my collection and was very close to de-potting just the face products.

The matte eyeshadows in these palettes have always been very good but I don't like wearing such dark eyeshadows like the ones on the bottom row .

I love when a eyeshadow palettes put in a nice cream eyeshadow that you can use all over the eyelid before you put the rest of your eyeshadows on or if you want to use it as a matte brow bone highlight I think Ginger Cream is really good for that .

Ordanarily Maple Syrup is too dark a eyeshadow for me especially to use a crease eyeshadow so when I use this palette I use the Gingerbread Bronzer in my crease first which looks really nice and I will then use Maple Syrup to deepen out the crease it doesn't look as harsh .

I've always loved Gingersnap it's so beautiful I just could never get it to work up until recently looks truly beautiful on blue eyes and really reminds me of colourpop supershock eyeshadow in the shade Kathleen lights it's a very similar eyeshadow .

I'm not really a lilac or purple eyeshadow girl but I love Winter Dream which again is another pressed glitter and is extremely difficult to get this eyeshadow to work and without a glitter glue you have no chance of getting these eyeshadows to work .

I barely wear really dark eyeshadows so I don't use this eyeshadow palettes for Cup Of Joe which is the dark brown . I think it would be really good on the lash line though instead of using a dark brown liner .

The last eyeshadow in this palette I've never worn I just don't like to wear black eyeshadow it's in the shade Black Coffee . Although I don't wear black eyeshadow I do like that too faced have put a black eyeshadow in the palette .

Last but certainly not least the face product in the palette is the gorgeous Gingersnap bronzer which works really with my skin tone which I honestly can't say a lot of bronzers do as I am so fair .

                                                      Too Faced Egg Nog Latte 

More beautiful packaging these palettes they just scream Christmas to me and as the holiday season is approaching I just had to do a blog post on this and share my thoughts . 

Again in this palette their is a nice base shade except this is a white based matte eyeshadow in the shade Frosty Nog . I think this would make a nice brow bone highlight for people with a similar skin tone to mine who are very fair but for me personally I don't use it as a brow bone highlight I use it as a base eyeshadow . 

I've always loved Egg Nog Latte it's a gorgeous champagne shimmer eyeshadow which makes a gorgeous inner corner highlight and can be used as a shimmer browbone highlight too . 

Iced coffee is a gorgeous matte brown that is perfect to use a transition eyeshadow all through the crease . 

Skinny Latte is another really nice crease eyeshadow I love this palette for those 2 light brown crease eyeshadows . 

Cold Brew is another one of the glitters that are just so difficult to work without the glitter glue but look amazing once applied with a glitter glue. 

Central Perk is the most stunning green and does show up more then the other glitters in this palette without a glitter glue but once you use a glitter glue omg it's so pretty . 

This palette comes with a blush in the shade Peach Cobbler it's such a beautiful matte peach blush . I would have preferred it if it was a glowy blush as these are my favourite types of blushers to use or even a satin formula blusher but you can't have everything can you . 

Too Faced Peppermint Mocha 

Peppermint Cream is another matte eyeshadow base which is whiter then white which I haven't really used that often maybe 2 or 3 times it's good for making the other eyeshadows that you apply over the top pop .

Christmas Blend is a really nice light pink shimmer which is good for the inner corner to highlight .

Peppermint Mocha is a matte cranberry shade which is beautiful for the crease .

Candy Cane is a very light pink matte eyeshadow and looks good as a transition eyeshadow with Peppermint mocha over the top .

Sprinkles isn't a glitter eyeshadow it definitely shows up a lot more with glitter glue then it does without though it's really pretty .

Coffee Chip is a really dark brown matte eyeshadow which really isn't for me as it's so dark but again I would use this in the lash line instead of a dark brown eye liner .

Santa Baby Blush I don't like this blush as much as the Peach Cobbler Blush from the Egg Nog Latte if I use it sparingly though it looks really pretty and again I would have loved it more if it had some glow to it , Matte formulas aren't my favourite from my blushers

Now onto seeing swatches of how I got my glitter eyeshadows to show up when I used a glitter glue.

Look at how much these eyeshadows are popping especially Gingersnap & Central Perk they are definitely my favourite eyeshadows out of them all . 

I'm glad I tried the too faced glitter glue before I gave up on these palettes altogether . 

I love both the Gingerbread Cookie & Egg Nog Latte palettes their just beautiful i'm not 100% on the Peppermint Mocha palette though i'll try that a few more times see what I think I might end up decluttering that palette from the collection and passing it onto my niece . 

Thanks for reading as always