Monday 4 November 2019

Revolution X Tammi Tropical Paradise Palette Review , First Impressions & Swatches

Hello Lovelies,

I have had this eyeshadow palette for quite awhile and have not used it so I pulled it for a recent shop my stash and thought I would give my thoughts and opinions on the eyeshadow palette.

I honestly thought I was going to use this for the week and then declutter the eyeshadow palette out of my eyeshadow collection but it's such a stunning eyeshadow palette and decided to talk to you about the eyeshadows in the palette and then do some swatches at the end .


Pina Colada - Is a gorgeous white golden shimmer eyeshadow that makes a gorgeous inner corner highlight

Queen Lou - is a nice light pink shimmer eyeshadow

Tropical - Is probably one of my favourite matte eyeshadows in this eyeshadow palette it's a gorgeous burnt orange eyeshadow

Coraline - is a lovely burgundy matte eyeshadow considering it's a red toned burgundy it's such a smooth eyeshadow and blends out so well .

Exotic - is a stunning bronze/gold eyeshadow which is just stunning and totally up my street I love eyeshadows like this .

Carribean - is a really unique pink toned eyeshadow with gold reflects it's really pretty but it's very sheer so you need to build the eyeshadows up to get the right amount of pigmentation.

Purpy Purps - is a dark plum matte eyeshadow really pretty just a little darker then Coraline it's really pretty

Treasure - is an absolutely stunning bronze shimmer eyeshadow i'm such a neutral eyeshadow girl this is totally up my street . I gravitate naturally towards neutral eyeshadows like bronze and gold eyeshadows .

Adventure - is a gorgeous matte dark brown which is perfect for your lash line and deepen out your outer v to give you a nice smoky eye.

Rich Soil - is a lighter matte brown more cooler then Adventure another stunning brown

Middle Row - 

Moon Light - is such a cool white gold duo chrome shimmer eyeshadow which  makes such a great inner corner highlight

Enchanting - is a gorgeous copper shimmer eyeshadow which again is definitely an eyeshadow that I find myself gravitating too .

Burning Heat - is a slightly lighter copper with red undertones another shimmer eyeshadow very pretty.

Majestic - is very similar to Coraline, Majestic is just a hair darker their very similar eyeshadows both matte eyeshadows and truthly I don't think you need both Coraline & Majestic in the eyeshadow palette.

Paradise - has to be one of my favourite shimmer eyeshadows in the palette it's a gorgeous matte khaki green with gold reflects it's really beautiful

Carnival - is a really nice plum/purple shimmer eyeshadow

Golden Sands - is a really gorgeous unique gold which is quite sheer it builds up really well and looks really nice over the top of Paradise when I do a spotlight eye .

Rainforest - is a matte forrest green eyeshadow really pretty with Paradise over the top not an eyeshadow I would be drawn to naturally but I really liked how it looked when I used it .

Waterfall - is a matte blue eyeshadow which is nice to create a nice blue smoky eye or add some colour to the lower lash line .

Midnight Stroll - an eyeshadow palette wouldn't be the same without a black matte eyeshadow. I personally don't use a black eyeshadow . The eyeshadow is quite sheer but very buildable like the rest of the eyeshadows in this palette

Bottom Row - 

On the bottom row of the palettes are the eyeshadow for each skin tone which I like for fair skin it's coconut cream that's the eyeshadow I use for my base and so that all my eyeshadows blend well together then Nutmeg is for medium skin tones and Isle of spice is for Dark skin tones.

I really like that Tammi has thought about fair, medium and dark skin tones .

I feel like some of the eyeshadows were repeated a little bit in this eyeshadow palette and was unnecessary like Coraline, Majestic & Purpy Purps they are very similar in shade a burgundy eyeshadow and it would have been nice if maybe a different coloured matte eyeshadow was replaced for at least one of those eyeshadows.

Other then that it's a gorgeous eyeshadow palette and I will be keeping it in my eyeshadow palette collection for now.

Swatches - 

Upon swatching these eyeshadows I did realise that some of the eyeshadows were more creamy and blendable then others . 

Moonlight - you can't really see it on my skin as it's so similar to my skin tone it's a duo chrome shimmer eyeshadow really pretty but it's not the most pigmented eyeshadow . I use this as a inner corner highlight and sometimes I will mix both Moonlight and Pina Colada which looks really pretty . 

The only really negative I have to say about this palette is about the burgundy red toned eyeshadow you can tell more by the swatches that their just so similar Majestic and Carnival are so similar in shade Carnival is just a hair darker then Majestic it's the same for Coraline and Purpy Purps . 

I just feel like having 4 eyeshadows that are very similar is very unnecessary and other eyeshadows could have been put in this palette other then that though it's a really pretty palette and I enjoyed using it when I used it a couple of weeks ago . 

I love the coconut cream transition eyeshadow to use as a base eyeshadow and it helps blend out the eyeshadows that I use and also if I take my eyeshadows to high into the crease it's a great eyeshadow to use to clean up and blend the eyeshadows out . 

I can't use Nutmeg and Isle of spice for what they are intended for which are Transition eyeshadows . Nutmeg makes a really nice Crease Eyeshadow and Isle Of Spice is really nice for the outer corner and lash line . 

I really liked how this look came out the eyeshadows that I used were Coconut Cream for the base Tropical in the Crease and Golden Sands all over the Eye lid a very simple eye look. 

How pretty is that Golden Sands Shimmer though???

This was definitely my favourite look out of the whole eyeshadow palette I just love that Paradise shimmer eyeshadow it's unlike any other eyeshadow that I have in my collection truly beautiful in this photo I kept it fairly simple and wore Rain Forest all over the eyelid which is the matte green and added Paradise to give it that something special . 

Thanks for reading as always