Thursday 1 August 2019

Bleach London Magnetised Palette & How I Depotted My Blushers That Are In The Palette

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Today I thought I would talk about the Bleach London Magnetic Palette that I bought from TK Maxx .

I had seen this palette in TK Maxx a few months ago and decided against buying it then regretted it as I wanted to make a blush palette this palette is so inexpensive it was just £3.99 so I thought I would get this and make that blush palette .

I really like the blush palette that I have created these blushers just wasn't getting enough use so I thought I would put them in the one palette so I could get more use out of the blushers .

Benefit Boxed Blushers - 

I have four of the Benefit Boxed Blushers 3 full size and 1 mini , I have Benefit Hervena, Benefit Galifornia , Benefit Rockateur and a mini of Benefit Gold Rush .

How I Depotted My Benefit Boxed Blushers - 

I found it really easy to depot my benefit boxed blushers it was just a case of breaking the boxes and wiggling the pan of the blusher from the cardboard

Tarte Blushers - 

These Tarte Blushers I have wanted to depot for awhile now because they came In a holiday set and the blushers are definitely the best thing about the holiday set . I love tarte blushers and all these blushers are really nice and wear really well .

The holiday set they came in came in quads of eyeshadows and you got 1 blusher in each quad . I don't think I want to keep the eyeshadows I think I will declutter them from my collection as the shimmer eye shadows are not very pigmented and the matte eye shadows are very similar to others in my collection .

Depotting The Tarte Blushers - 

I found it quite a bit harder depotting the Tarte Blushers you needed tools such as a candle to melt the glue on the palette , a screw driver or sharp object to push the blusher out once the palette was hot and the glue had melted , a butter knife to take the blusher out of the palette and then somewhere to put the blusher to cool down so the process of the depotting of blushers took longer but was well worth it as they look really nice in the palette and I know I will get much more use out of this palette then I would of if I hadn't done this .

There is also a freedom pro highlighter in this palette which is nice to have I didn't have to depot this it came in a single pan from superdrug  I don't think you can buy these anymore though which is a shame .

I highly recommend the Bleach London Magnetic Palette I think it was worth the £3.99 TK Maxx had a much smaller one at the same price so it was a no brainer to get this one .

I could actually do with another one as I have 2 more tarte blushers that I want to depot and they won't fit into this palette.

It would be nice to have all my Tarte Blushers in one palette if I can't get another one I will just have to make do with this one for now and maybe get a extra large z palette but there so expensive compared to this palette.

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