Monday 22 July 2019

PS Beauty Highlighter Review

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are well today I thought I would talk about a highlighter I got back in February for my birthday .

I have only just used it for my shop my stash so I thought I would share my thoughts .

This highlighter is for eyes, lip and cheek so it's a multi purpose highlighter which I think is great . 
The highlighter on the left is a duo chrome a very pale gold which looks lovely on light to medium skin tones if you are any darker then that it could look ashy on you. 

Here is what the Gold Highlighter looks like on the eyes I use it as a eyeshadow as it's far too dark for my skin tone and far too glittery. 

I do think it looks lovely as a eyeshadow though it's a very unique Gold and just looks beautiful on blue eyes . . 

My only critic on this eyeshadow is there is just so much fall out when I put it on for the first time there was just so much fall out . 

I already had done my face make up as normally I do my eye make up last and the eyeshadow didn't look glittery in the pan so I thought I would be ok . 

As soon as I put the eyeshadow on it was glitter fall out central the eyeshadow was all the way down my face. 

Next time I wear this as a eyeshadow I will be wearing a glitter glue and also putting my face make up on last other then that I really like this highlighter duo and I am glad it's in my collection . 

Thanks for reading it means so much to me