Friday 12 July 2019

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighter - Highly Recommended Drugstore Highlighter for Light to Fair Skin

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Today I wanted to share my thoughts on this Technic Get Gorgeous highlighter from the drugstore and it truly is gorgeous for the price point of £2.99 for 12g of product I think this is my favourite drugstore highlighter in my collection it's so inexpensive.

The packaging of the highlighter is nothing to write home about but you can't expect fantastic packaging at such a good price the main thing is that the product is nice which it is .

Saying that though this kind of packaging is very flimsy and is very similar to the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter and essence packaging and over time the top of the packaging has broken so care is needed with the highlighter . 

The pattern of the highlighter remind me of the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters but this formula is so much nicer . 

The Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighter is so creamy to the touch when it's on your skin it doesn't show any texture that you may have which I love as I do have enlarged pores especially on my nose and I like to highlight the bridge of my nose so this highlighter works really well . 

If you are light to fair skin tone like myself this will just look beautiful on you it's a really nice white highlighter with a slight golden undertone so it suits fair skin . 

I'm really glad I have this highlighter in my collection with me being so fair I do struggle to find the right shade of highlight without it looking like I have just got a strip of highlighter across my cheek bone which is not a look that I go for when I use highlighter . 

If you are medium to dark skin tone I wouldn't recommend this highlighter as it will make you look ashy as it's that pale the good news is that Technic do darker shades of this highlighter in really nice golden tones . 

I got this highlighter from Bodycare in the UK if you live in the UK you can pick it up there or your local TJ Hughes I have seen these highlighters in there too and from time to time TK Maxx sell Technic Products so you may be able to pick it up there 

Thanks for reading as always it means a lot 

Have you tried this highlight from Technic I would love to know what your thoughts are on it ? 

Mariya Zafirova said...

Omg, looks amazing!

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