Tuesday 9 July 2019

BH Cosmetics Royal Affair Eyeshadow Palette Review / First Impressions

Hello Lovelies,

I got this BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette  awhile ago back in February but only got around to using it in May so I thought I would share my opinions on this eyeshadow palette and show you some swatches .

I got some money for my birthday from my brother and sister in law and I had heard quite a bit about this palette when I saw this palette in TK Maxx .

It was really inexpensive at just £5.99 if you are interested in this palette and can't get it in your local TK Maxx you can also buy this from Beauty Bay the last I saw it was £14.99 but they do have regular sales on the website .

This BH Cosmetics Royal Affair Palette is a truly gorgeous and unique palette you have your neutral eyeshadows some gorgeous pops of colours and even some cooler toned eyeshadows what's not to like about this eyeshadow palette.


Reign - You can't really see Reign all that well on my skin tone as it matches it quite well I use this shade for my base it's so nice and creamy and helps the other eyeshadows to blend out like a dream .
whenever I look for an eyeshadow palette it's a must that there is a good cream/ ivory base shade .
If you have medium to dark skin tone this would make a really nice brow bone highlight as well. Reign is a matte eyeshadow

Majesty - is a nice deep matte brown looks nice on the lash line and also the outer corner to deepen out your eye look..

Lord - is a nice shimmer bronze eyeshadow looks really pretty all over the eyelid .

Lady - is my favourite matte eyeshadows in the palette it is a stunning peach eyeshadow it's so creamy and blends out like a dream .

Regal - is an eyeshadow that doesn't perform as well as some of the others it's a matte dark brown with red undertones and can be really difficult to blend out .

Crown - is my favourite shimmer I love this eyeshadow and it looks great all over the eye lid in the pan it looks lime green but on the eyelid it looks yellow it's a very unique eyeshadow .

Duchess - is another matte eyeshadow that can be quite patchy and difficult to blend out it's a really nice dark brown .

Imperial - Is stunning a unique old gold shimmer I'm really impressed with the formula from the shimmers especially in this eyeshadow palette.

Monarch - is a matte forrest green eyeshadow that you would think would be patchy it's not at all it blends out really well.

Enchanted - is a matte black I don't really wear black eyeshadows I wore this once when I was testing the eyeshadow palette for review and it gave me a nice smoky eye blended out really well.

Throne - is a gorgeous pale blue shimmer with a lavender shift it's really unique and does look lovely all over the eyelids another unique eyeshadow in the palette .

Palace - is a really nice cool toned brown more grey in colour then brown it's more like the kind of colour that I would contour with its a really nice eyeshadow and works well as a crease eyeshadow if you want to do a cool eyeshadow look .
Palace is a matte brown eyeshadow .

High Tea - Is a gorgeous shimmer silver eyeshadow it isn't as smooth as the rest of the other shimmer eyeshadows but it's worth working with it as it looks gorgeous all over the eyelid.

Empress - is a lovely matte brown that blends out really well and looks really nice in the crease

Aristocrat - is a stunning shimmer eyeshadow it looks gold but there is a silver undertone to the  eyeshadow

Primrose - is a nice peach matte eyeshadow which looks nice as a transition eyeshadow .

Prince - is a nice dark matte brown eyeshadow blends out better then some of the other brown eyeshadows in this palette.

Honour - is a really nice rose gold shimmer eyeshadow looks stunning all over the eye lid .

Emperor - is the matte brown that I use as a transition eyeshadow in my crease it blends out so well it's definitely my favourite matte brown eyeshadow in the palette.

Princess - is a stunning burgundy shimmer eyeshadow looks really nice all over the eyelid there can be some fall out so when using this eyeshadow I normally do my eye make up first and then the rest of my face make up .

There are 20 eyeshadows in this palette I think for the price that I got this palette it was a bargain at £5.99 I think it's well worth that price just for the shimmers alone .

Thoughts on this palette - 

Overall my thoughts on this palette are that it's a gorgeous palette worth the money not all of the eyeshadows blend out like I would like .

I think there are far too many browns in this palette that are far too similar which are the shades empress and emperor and majesty and prince . I don't think there was any need to put so many browns in one palette.

The eyeshadows that I don't like that much is regal and duchess due to them being patchy and harder shadows to work with .

I really like the throne eyeshadow it's really powdery though it's another eyeshadow that can be difficult to work with I love this eyeshadow so much though so I normally use a setting spray and that normally helps the eyeshadow perform better

In the BH Cosmetics royal affair palette you get 20 eyeshadows out of the 20 eyeshadows you get 12 matte eyeshadows and 8 shimmer eyeshadows and for the most part I really do enjoy using the majority of the eyeshadows in this palette and would recommend it .

What are your thoughts on this palette would love to know what you all think .

Thanks for reading as always it really does mean a lot to me .