Wednesday 19 June 2019

Palette Les Nudes By Bourjois First Impressions Overall Thoughts and Will I Keep It In My Make Up Collection

Hello Lovelies,

Hope your all well I am writing this post as I am going into hospital tomorrow morning which I'm really nervous about so what better to do with my time write about something that I love make up I need a distraction .

I have had the palette les nudes by bourjois for quite awhile I found it in boots on clearance it was really inexpensive so I thought why not give it a try .

Just look at that packaging it's cute I'm such a sucker for cute packaging 9/10 times that is what makes me purchase a product . 
Does anyone else do that ? surely it can't be just me can it ….

Before my no buy I would buy so many eyeshadow palettes and they would not get any use and this is just a prime example . I can't even recall when I bought it but it was quite awhile ago .

At the beginning of June I decided to pull this eyeshadow palette along with a couple of others for the fortnight to see if I still wanted it to stay in my collection . 

I have so many eyeshadow palettes in my collection for a long time they were my favourite thing to buy .
 At the moment I am trying to declutter some and give them to family members and give the eyeshadow palettes I know I do really like more love before they go bad and I was unsure If this was going to be staying or going as I never actually used it before . 

This is what the eyeshadows look like inside the palette you only get 8 eyeshadows in the palette and they are all shimmer eyeshadows which I know a lot of people won't like as they like a mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows and yes I agree it's not ideal working from 2 different eyeshadow palettes but I don't actually mind if I like a palette and I do have a lot of eyeshadow palettes that have matte eyeshadows in them .

I love a good eyeshadow palette with nice shimmer eyeshadow and this palette does have some nice shimmer eyeshadows in it , it is mainly cool toned which I don't really know what possessed me to buy it . 

I don't wear cool toned eyeshadow palettes I can only imagine I bought it to try as it was inexpensive and I saw by looking on the back of the eyeshadow palette that although it was a cool toned eyeshadow palette it also had some neutral shimmer eyeshadows in the palette like the gold and the more bronze toned eyeshadows . 

I have just looked on boots website and the RRP of these palettes are £11.99 now bourjois is drugstore and for 8 small eyeshadows which a few of them I don't particular like that much I would not have paid . I think I saw it for £2.99 so I thought I would try it because I hadn't really tried a lot of bourjois eyeshadows . 

I definitely think it's worth the £2.99 that I paid as the eyeshadows are soft and buttery there are a couple that have quite a bit of fall out and quite glittery so it's best to do your eye make up first but that's not a problem for me . 

I don't really like the fact that the eyeshadows are numbered I love it when brands go to the effort of naming each eyeshadow putting numbers on the eyeshadow anyone can do.
 Names are more adventurous but that's me just being a bit picky . 

Onto the things I do like about the Palette Les Nudes By Bourjois I like the fact that it comes with a nice size mirror and not only that it's a swivel mirror and the eyeshadow palette is small so it makes it easy to travel with the only downside to that is you would have to take another palette to use with it which might not be ideal . 

Here are all of the swatches of the eyeshadows in the palette . 

Eyeshadow 1 - is a pearl white which is really good for the inner corner of your eye to make you look more awake and give you that inner corner highlight  . 

Eyeshadow 2 - Is a lovely light blue I don't think I have an eyeshadow like this in my collection as I really don't have many cool toned eyeshadow palettes in my collection . 

Eyeshadow 3 - is a really nice lavender eyeshadow the only downside is it's so much powdery then the rest of the eyeshadows in this palette . 

Eyeshadow 4 - is a deeper purple which is smoother but applying this eyeshadow is a nightmare if you use it after you have applied your face make up like I did the first time then you end up looking like a glitter ball and it just ruins your make . I used this eyeshadow a couple of times even by trying it with glitter glue it was a hot mess . 

Eyeshadow 5 - is the nicest eyeshadow in the palette and truth be told this is one of the main reasons I am keeping hold of this palette it's such a stunning gold I definitely don't have an eyeshadow like that in my collection . 

Eyeshadow 6 - another favourite of mine and why I am keeping this eyeshadow palette in my collection for the time being it's such a stunning mink brown eyeshadow I don't think I have an eyeshadow like this in my entire collection either . 

Eyeshadow 7 - now we come to the darker eyeshadows in the palette I don't really like dark shimmer eyeshadows as I don't tend to wear a dark smoky eye a lot but I did try this eyeshadow out and it looked quite nice . I'm sure I took a photo on the day for Instagram if I can find it I will let you see what it looks like , 

I think my make up here looked quite natural and even though I don't do smoky eye looks often I really liked the way it turned out . 
If you look closely though you can see the glitter in the eyeshadow and that's what they all look like some are worse then others that's why it's best to do your eye make up first and then you can wipe away any fall out or glitter that has fallen .
It is such a pretty eyeshadow I really like it and I did think that I wouldn't . 

Eyeshadow 8 - is the darkest brown  shimmer in the eyeshadow palette  the swatches they look really close in shade but in reality they are so much darker . I did try it once and didn't really like it . I thought the eyeshadow was too dark . 

There are actually more eyeshadows in this eyeshadow palette that I like then I don't like and won't wear again I like 5 out of the 8 eyeshadows . 
The eyeshadows I won't use again the lavender, purple and the darkest brown eyeshadow . 

I do want to keep this eyeshadow palette in my collection as it is unique to my collection I think the next time I do a project pan I will put this in my next project pan as this palette is getting older I would like to make use of the eyeshadows before they get bad . 

There are a couple of other eyeshadow palettes out but they are at full price and although they look pretty I don't think they are worth the price tag of £11.99 as they are a drugstore product . 

So what are your thoughts on these palettes have you tried them are they worth the money do you think ? 

Thanks for reading as always guys it means so much to me .