Friday 7 June 2019

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review

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Hope your all well and are having a fantastic day ….

Today I thought I would share my thoughts with you on this lovely Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which is the lightest bronzer that Too Faced do and is perfect for light to fair skin tones it's so beautiful so this is going to be a positive review /

 I hate leaving negative reviews but I have to be honest about the products that I try especially as you could read one of my reviews and decide to purchase the product on my say so.

***The products that I review have all been bought with my own money unless I say so I will always say so in a review this particular product I have paid for***.

Lets first talk about the new improved packaging I am so glad I waited until Too Faced changed their packaging to being as sleek as this .

I know it's not about the packaging but Too Faced do some of the nicest packaging I have seen and this is no exception

When your holding the packaging it just feels so luxurious in your hands and that's before you even open it to get that gorgeous chocolate scent this is fast becoming my favourite bronzer to wear .

It's nice that it has a little mirror you can use this as a compact to re-apply lipstick on the go or if you are going to travel it's nice to be able to do your bronzer on the go .

I think the Milk Chocolate Matte writing embossed on the bronzer is really nice too it's a nice finishing touch .

When I first swatched this bronzer in Debenhams I nearly didn't get it, it just didn't seem to be showing up on my pale skin until I swatched it 3 or 4 times and I spoke to the sales adviser in the store and she said it's one of those bronzers that are buildable which is clear to see .

Here is a swatch of the bronzer and I have had to build it up 3 or 4 times so that it is noticeable .

It's just a lovely buttery smooth bronzer I love it can't say anything bad about this bronzer

I wasn't sure whether I was going to like it and this bronzer isn't actually cheap it's £25 in the UK so I wanted to be sure as  I knew that once I bought it and used it I wouldn't be able to take it back to the store .

How I wish our customer service was like every other country if you buy a product and it's not working for you, you can just take it back no questions asked not in the UK though :(.

I think this bronzer is gorgeous though so I am glad I have it in my growing bronzer collection you can use it ever so lightly and get a nice bronze effect what I have been doing is using it a bit heavier and it gives a really nice contour which I am quite surprised at with the bronzer being so light .

Here I am wearing the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer you can see how fair I am I just love this bronzer and the fact that it has a gorgeous scent of chocolate is just an added bonus .

This photo has just been taken now for this blog post .

I pulled this bronzer out of my collection for my fortnightly shop my stash on Monday and I pulled a few contour kits that I am not sure that I want to keep in my collection but for the past five days I have been using this bronzer … I just can't help myself.

I will be putting this away for a couple of days just so I can test a few more products to see if I want to keep them in my collection .

I would highly recommend the too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer  if you are light to fair skin tone like myself it works so well.

 If  you are a medium skintone or deeper this won't work for you and I would suggest you get either the chocolate which is darker if you are a medium skin tone or if you have a darker skin tone Dark Chocolate .

I love the formula of this bronzer it blends out so well so highly recommend it whatever your skin tone is .

Who's got this bronzer what are everyone's thoughts on it ?

Thanks for reading as always it means so much to me