Sunday 19 May 2019

Collection Primed & Ready HD Blur Setting Powder First Impression / Review

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope your all well and have had a great weekend I have been recuperating at home from a really bad cold and sore throat that has now turned into a chest infection. 

Enough about that on to the review of the Collection Primed & Ready HD Blur Setting Powder I was so excited to use this setting powder as it's a blur setting powder . 

I really like collection as a brand and haven't found anything from the brand that I have been too negative about until now that is....

 I am so disappointed with this product guys and here is why ….

I wanted this setting powder as I really don't have that many loose setting powders in my collection I have more pressed setting powders and I wanted to try more drugstore products and this product is just £3.99 so it's really affordable . 

When I put this setting powder on my face though I actually thought I was seeing things it's infused with fine particles of glitter which I have never encountered using a setting powder as setting powders are supposed to give your skin a matte finish not matte with glitter all over your face I was so disappointed with this product it's the worst setting powder that I have tried and that is saying a lot as I have tried a lot of setting powders . 

I wish the UK was like America if you are not  happy with a product you can just take it back to the store unfortunately once a product has been opened and used you can't return it so the only place that this setting powder is good for is the bin . 

If you look close you can see the glitter particles under my area and also this powder isn't a good powder to set your concealer it is very drying and made me look like casper the ghost and of course the fact that that there are the fine particles of glitter  in the setting powder . 

So that is the negative about the Collection Primed & ready HD Blur Setting Powder the positive is that if you don't mind the fine particles of glitter which I can't imagine any one would want that from a setting powder it definitely does help blur my pores I have quite big pores on my nose and around my cheeks and I did notice that this setting powder did help minimise my pores which is why it's such a disappointing product for me as this would have been a perfect setting powder for my face not  under my eyes which I could have lived with I just can't live with the glitter that is in the product . 

I would not recommend this product to anyone which is a shame I really don't like saying that about a product …. what I would say is save your money and buy a different drugstore product if your looking for a loose powder .

What's your favourite loose drugstore powder I would love to know as i'm always on the look out for new drug store loose powders . 

Do you have this product if so what are your thoughts …

Thanks for reading as always means so much to me