Tuesday 14 May 2019

Catrice Light Up The Stars Trio Highlighter First Impressions / Review

Hello Lovelies,

It's been a hot minute since I have done a blog post so I thought I would start with a review / first impression .

I got this back in February for my birthday, My brother and my sister in law gave me some money so I thought I would go to tk maxx and see what they had .

I have wanted to try Catrice for such a long time now but because I live in the UK it's not accessible here so imagine my surprise when I saw this in the little beauty section it was like it was waiting for me .

The packaging drew me in before I even looked at the highlighters I didn't know what the highlighters looked like inside . I loved the packaging although it is quite bulky.

I do like the way it sparkles I am like a mag pie I am naturally drawn to products that sparkle and have nice glitter packaging .

The packaging when you touch it on top does feel like a matches box the side of the matches box where you strike the box so that will not be to everyone's taste and also the bulkiness of the box some people might not like it but I actually don't mind it .

Now just look at these highlighters when I saw that these highlighters said that they were baked and I thought the formula might be like the M.A.C highlighters where you have to take off the top layer off to get any pigment off them the elf ones are like that too.

These highlighters are so creamy they don't even feel like a baked formula they just feel like a nice creamy highlighter .

The highlighters in the box are covered by a plastic cover to stop them from drying out which I really appreciate the first on the left is the darkest in the highlighter palette and I will only be able to wear this when I am fake tanned which I don't do often and that's called Starboy it really is a pretty highlight but is more for medium to dark skin tones rather then my fair to light skin .

I tend to use both Come Here For The Glow and Stars Come Up they make a really nice highlighter mixed together .
If I want a light highlighter I will just use the palest highlighter in the palette which is Come Here For The Glow . 

Here are the swatches of the gorgeous palette there really pigmented so you don't need much at all even from the lightest shade 

This highlighter palette is the first thing that I have tried from Catrice Cosmetics and it has made me want to try other products from Catrice with this Highlighter Palette I did manage to pick up the Catrice Cosmetics Glamamazing Eye Shadow Palette which I haven't used used yet so I will be doing a separate review on that.

I am really thankful to have these products in my ever expanding make up collection this highlighter palette was such a steal at just £6.99 if you see this at your tk maxx and you are looking at trying Catrice Cosmetics I would definitely recommend it .

According to the RRP I didn't save that much money on this palette I paid £6.99 and it's normally £9.99 but £3 is still a saving then there is the saving on the eyeshadow palette .

I love tk maxx for bargains but whenever I watch you tubers doing tk maxx hauls the beauty products that they manage to pick up i'm in awe and for such low price too .

I would definitely like a trip to America at some point to check out Ulta, Sephora, CVS, Marshalls and TJ Maxx ….. Have I missed anything out ????

Thank you for reading as always it means so so much to me if you have time I would love for you to go and check my you tube channel out .

I have been doing shop my stash videos over on my channel just because I do have such a big collection of make up and don't want too continuously buy products and clutter my drawers up any more then they already are and I have also been doing project pan videos which I am loving using up products from my collection

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