Thursday 4 April 2019

Urban Decay Naked 3 On The Chopping Block - Should It Stay Or Go ?

Hello Lovelies,

Last month when I did my shop my stash I pulled my Urban Decay Naked 3 out of my chopping block items to use through the month March .

I wanted to see if I could declutter this palette from my eyeshadow collection as the amount of eyeshadow palettes that I have in my collection is insane .

I hadn't used this palette in such a long time and I really thought that it would be getting decluttered from my eyeshadow palette collection but I wanted to try it before I made that final decision as it's not a cheap palette it cost me £38 when I bought it and I have barely used it . 

I do love all the rose toned eyeshadows in this palette they look really beautiful all over the eyelids I forgot just how pretty this eyeshadow palette was . 

It has your pretty feminine rose eyeshadows there is a gorgeous gold and some deeper eyeshadows to give you that gorgeous smoky eye look 

I used this eyeshadow palette for a good week and a half I wanted to be sure that it was worth keeping hold of and I am glad that I did test it rather then just decluttering it from my collection  for the sake of it . 

Strange - is a gorgeous eyeshadow for all over the lid it's a matte cream I love using eyeshadows like this as a  base or if you have a darker skin tone then my fair skin tone it will look really nice as a matte browbone highlight . 

Dusty - I used as a inner corner highlight it's a very light rose pink shimmer  eyeshadow 

Burnout - is a darker rose pink  shimmer eyeshadow which looks lovely all over the eyelid although I do like the more darker shades in this palette 

Limit - I love limit as a transition eyeshadow its perfect for my skin tone it's a matte light brown eyeshadow  . 

Buzz - Is my perfect rose pink  shimmer eyeshadow from this palette and looks gorgeous all over the eye lid . 

Trick - I absolutely love this gold shimmer eyeshadow it's perfect the only gold in the eyeshadow palette . 

Nooner is a darker matte brown and is gorgeous to deepen out the crease . 

Liar - is a rose pink with bronze undertones shimmer it's really pretty and can be used to darken your outer v to get that gorgeous smoky eye 

Factory is a gorgeous bronze shimmer eyeshadow which looks good all over the eye lid to give you a nice smoky eye 

Mugshot - is an unusual eyeshadow like nothing I have in my collection it looks like a bronze eyeshadow in the pan but it has that rose undertone it's so pretty . 

Darkside - Is a deep bronze that I used to darken my outer v and smoke out my lash line 

Blackheart - is absolutely stunning like nothing I have in my eyeshadow collection the only way to describe it is that it's a red based brown with very fine particles of glitter in it but they don't show up when you use this eyeshadow , 

Like with mugshot when I use this eyeshadow I just use it to darken out the lower lash line and smoke out the outer v when I want that nice smoky eye . 

Keeping it simple with a nice daytime feminine look . 

I used Strange as my base shade so that the other eyeshadows would blend seamlessly . 

Then I went in with Limit which is the lighter matte brown and used that as my transition eyeshadow and deepened it out a little bit with the eyeshadow Nooner which is the deeper darker matte broewn and then I used Buzz all over the eyelid . 

I think this eye look is really pretty for the daytime it looks really feminine .

                                   This look for me is perfect for work 

I have really grown to love the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette again so it won'r be getting decluttered from my eyeshadow collection and I will definitely be using this palette more and showing it more love . 

For now though I have put it back in my eyeshadow collection drawers and will be using other eyeshadow palettes in April . 

If you like shop my stash videos you should definitely check out my you tube channel as this is a new series on my channel as well as Hits and Fails of the month . March Hits and Fails has just gone up now . 

I am going to leave a link to my last shop my stash video I would love for you to go and check it out 

Thank you as always for taking the time to read the blog it means so much to me