Thursday 14 March 2019

Technic Pro Finish Hidden Treasures Review/ First Impressions

Hello Lovelies,

Hop your all well it's been a hot minute since I posted anything here so today I thought I would share my thoughts on this beautiful Technic Pro Finish Hidden Treasures Palette.
I used this palette so much through the month of February to be able to give you my thoughts on this palette.

Just look how beautiful this palette is I know Technic do a few eyeshadow palettes in the Pro Finish line but I have never tried any of these products until now . 

When I saw this in TK Maxx I was curious about the palette and when I saw the price £4.99 I just knew I had to try it for the metallic in the top row if not for anything else they looked so nice . I had some Christmas money left over and hadn't bought anything for quite awhile as I am on my no buy so I thought why not get this and try it out . 

Regarding the rules of my no buy I always said I wouldn't purchase anything new but if family and friends wanted to buy me make up for my birthday or Christmas or if I saw anything and I was given money I would treat myself as it's not me technically buying it . 

Anyway back to the review of this gorgeous palette I remember when I first used it I wasn't expecting the palette to be anything amazing I remember buying Technic make up when I was a teenager and the pigmentation of the eyeshadows were sub par at the very least so I didn't have high hopes for this palette although it looked beautiful …. Boy was I wrong . 

Lets start with the metallic in the top row you get 6 highly pigmented metallic eyeshadows that just look amazing all over the eyelid 

Let me show you some swatches of the metallic eyeshadows first just so you can see how pigmented they are ….

So here are all the shimmery metallic eyeshadows just look how pigmented they are for the price of this eyeshadow palette it's worth just buying for the 6 metallics that you get in the palette …. 
There are some very nice mattes in the palette as well which I will swatch soon I just wanted to talk about these gorgeous metallic shimmer eyeshadows first . 

One of the critics I have with this eyeshadow palette is that Technic haven't named the eyeshadows they have just gave each eyeshadow a number from 1-16  . 
I personally would have preferred the eyeshadows to have names rather then numbers . 
If you have been reading the blog for awhile or even tuned into my you tube channel you will know how picky I am about this . 

Swatches - 

Number 1 -  is a gorgeous metallic khaki this eyeshadow gives a really nice smokey eye

Number 2 - is a gorgeous unique gold which really reminds me of the colourpop supershock eyeshadow in Telepathy 

Number 3 is a copper with red undertones it's truly beautiful 

Number 4 - Is a gorgeous bronze another stunning eyeshadow in the palette 

Number 5 - has probably got to be my favourite eyeshadow In the palette it's so unique and different . its a gorgeous peach eyeshadow with gold reflects running through it . 
It reminds me so much of Nars Orgasm but in eyeshadow form .

Number 6 -  is a really pretty bronze eyeshadow . 

All of those metallics look absolutely beautiful all over the eyelid I would definitely recommend this eyeshadow palette for the metallics alone if you see it in your local TK MAXX or TJ MAXX it's definitely worth the £4.99 that I paid for it . 

Lets move onto the matte swatches - 

Ok so some of these mattes are very hit and miss there not as creamy as the metallic eyeshadows which is a shame . 

Number 07 - Number 07 is brick red matte eyeshadow it's lovely but you really need to have to work with it to blend it . 

Number 08  - is probably my favourite matte in this palette I use it as a transition eyeshadow as it is soft and creamy blends out really well and goes with all the metallic eyeshadows . 

Number 09 - is another soft creamy matte eyeshadow it's a nice cream ivory eyeshadow to set your concealer or base and if you have medium to dark skin it would make a lovely matte highlight for your browbone

Number 10 - Number 10 is another metallic shimmer that I forgot to swatch in the previous picture as it's on the bottom row with the matte eyeshadows . 
Number 10 is the worst metallic out of the entire palette it's really powdery I thought it would make a great innercorner highlight when I first bought this palette but sadly it's not the case so this is one of the eyeshadows that won't be getting used . 

Number 11 - Number 11 is a matte black and it looks like it is a really pigmented black but it comes across more grey/black as you can probably see from the swatch so I would not use this matte black not that I use black eyeshadow unless I want to do a smokey eye and if I did I wouldn't choose this black . 

Number 12 - Number 12 is a matte cool brown almost like what you would use to contour with I wish Technic would have put a light brown in the palette to use as a transition eyeshadow it's not that much of a big deal as I use Number 08 as my transition eyeshadow but it would be nice to have a light brown in here too . The cool brown is nice though it's nice and creamy and blends out really well . 

Right so now we are getting to the point in the eyeshadow palette where I am going to be criticizing it a little … I hate doing this but I just need to give my honest thoughts and opinions I still think it's a really good eyeshadow palette and definitely worth the £4.99 I paid for it but like with most eyeshadow palettes I don't like every eyeshadow in the palette and with the mattes especially the texture of the mattes aren't consistent so there really difficult to work with and blend out . 

Number 13 - Number 13 is a gorgeous matte cranberry eyeshadow but it's really stiff the texture is not the same as the other mattes in the eyeshadow palette . It's useable it just takes forever to blend out and no-one has time for that right ? 

Number 14 - Number 14 is even worse then Number 13 it's so gritty I think the reason for this is because there are fine particles of glitters in Number 14 so it's a matte with glitter which is just not a very nice look and again it's so hard to blend which is a shame as its a gorgeous berry eyeshadow . 

Number 15 - Number 15 is a dark brown matte and is a little bit creamier then Number 13 and Number 14 and is really nice on the lower lash line 

Number 16 - again is another darker brown like the berry eyeshadow had glitters in it so does this one and makes it really stiff to use so even though I used it for the review there are quite a lot of mattes that I just won't use when I am using this palette . 

Numbers 10, 13, 14, & 16 so there are 4 eyeshadows out of the 16 that I won't use it's not too bad but it's not great either and if I had paid full price for this palette I might be a bit more upset about it . 

As I said earlier if you can buy this eyeshadow palette on sale or see it at TK MAXX or  TJ Maxx and you want to try a new eyeshadow palette I would definitely say grab it but just be aware as not all the mattes are blendable especially the darker eyeshadows but it's not a bad little palette . 

Some people might say the packaging is cheap and yes you would be right in thinking that but Technic would have had to cut corners somewhere to make a profit and really what more can you ask for at the price point that it's being sold for . 

Even though some of the eyeshadows didn't work out for me I still think this eyeshadow palette is a really good palette and recommend it . 

Does anyone have this eyeshadow palettes if so what are your thoughts …. 

Thanks for reading as always …