Wednesday 9 January 2019

Primark PS Exotica Eyeshadow Palette Review and Looks Created

Hello Lovelies,

I know it's been a hot minute since I posted I've just been so busy with Christmas and New year .
Happy New Year hope your all well and that you all had an AMAZING Christmas ….

Today I thought I would do a review on this palette that I bought last summer from Primark I've got that many eyeshadow palettes it's just took me forever to get through them there is going to be lots of reviews in 2019 as this for me is the year of the no buy.

The outer packaging of the palette just screams summer and holidays  to me and yes I have been using it in autumn but I have never been one for using make up for seasons and besides it's good to mix things up . right ??

Now how AMAZING are these eyeshadows they are so vibrant …. I used this eyeshadow palette last week and used all the eyeshadows so I could give you my thoughts and show you some of the looks that I created . 

Now I have to admit like with any eyeshadow palette some of the eyeshadows were very hit and miss... some more pigmented then others some more powdery and harder to work with then others but for £6 for 9 eyeshadows I still think it's a really good deal . 

The only eyeshadows that felt really powdery was the turquoise on the top row and the raspberry eyeshadow in the middle row . I thought that raspberry shade might be because I know red eyeshadows can be really difficult to formulate . I wasn't overly impressed with the gold on the top row which was disappointing as I love gold eyeshadow so much that's like my go to look it just wasn't very pigmented at all . 

Other then that though all the other eyeshadows were really pigmented some required me to tap off my brush as there was a lot of fall out but I can deal with that . 

I was quite surprised by the eyeshadows that are my favourite the black with gold reflects on the middle row is just stunning gives a nice smoky eye (which I've really gotten into this last month or so )
 I loved the raspberry eyeshadow in the middle even though it was a bit more dryer and harder to work with then the other matte eyeshadows from the palette. I used the raspberry matte eyeshadow along with the orange eyeshadow to do a nice sunset eye . 

I love the periwinkle blue eyeshadow it's so stunning but there was so much fall out with this eyeshadow but the finished look was definitely worth it .
 If you use little by little you don't get as much fall out at all. 
I also really loved the white duochrome eyeshadow to highlight my inner corner I used this with all these eyeshadows and it looked stunning . 

Now it's time to see some looks ….


This is the look I used with that gold eyeshadow in the palette you can see how there is hardly any pigment there . 
I don't know about you guys but I like my shimmer eyeshadows to be a lot more pigmented then that . 

I wanted to use this eyeshadow without any help of fix plus or setting spray so I could give a true review of the eye shadows . 
If you like a very natural eyeshadow then I think you will like this I just like my golds to be more vibrant so when I next use this gold eyeshadow I will definitely be using some fix plus to give it that metallic look . 

I just wasn't happy with the pigmentation of that eyeshadow but there are a lot of other nice eyeshadows . 

I really love this look but I used an extra product which I will talk about so this is the black with the gold speckles and I wanted to add a little something extra and I want to use as much of my colourpop supershock eyeshadows up in 2019 as some of them are drying up . 
I decided to use Telepathy from the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights collaboration and I love the look it's just so different . 

I was going for the whole spotlight eye look …. What do you guys think ? 

I forgot about this look I decided to use the turquoise on my inner corner and the periwinkle blue on the outer corner to create a nice ombre eye look and love how it turned out . I used the burnt orange as my transition and the raspberry eyeshadow in my crease . 

This has definitely got to be one of my favourite looks using this palette I love the periwinkle eyeshadow . I don't think I have a colour like this in my eyeshadow collection and I have a lot of eyeshadows too many .

Like with all the other looks I used the burnt orange as my transition eyeshadow and the raspberry eyeshadow in my crease

If I was to critic this eyeshadow palette I would say I would like primark to start naming the eyeshadows .
I love seeing what brands come up with when they name their products instead of me having to say this raspberry eyeshadow I'd like to be able to tell you the name of the eyeshadow or the product .

Primark name lipsticks so I don't see why they couldn't put names on  their eyeshadows as well and yes this is just me being picky .

Thanks for reading