Monday 3 December 2018

My No Buy Year From November 2018 - November 2019

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope your all well and have had a lovely weekend this weekend I went out for a meal with my mum and it was lovely and then went to her house to watch the x-factor final then on Sunday my mum made me my favourite meal shepherds pie she is such a legend ….

Anyway onto what is making me write this in November I was doing a de-clutter as some of you may already know I knew I had a lot of make-up but I didn't realise just how out of control my make-up collection had got especially eyeshadow palettes they are a big weakness for me just because there are so many nice eyeshadow palettes but that doesn't mean that I have to try to buy every single eyeshadow palette out there and to be honest you can find dupes for them in your collection so you don't have to buy every new release ….

Another reason I want to go on a no buy year is that I wasn't showing my make up collection any love it was all just sitting there and I wasn't using any of it just buying new make -up which eventually all the other make-up is just going to go bad isn't it so it makes no sense to keep buying more and more make-up . 

Not when I have so much make up to use up and also test and review here for you guys just because I won't be buying make-up for the next year doesn't mean I won't be reviewing products that are already in my collection enough is enough now I physically don't have anywhere to store it . 

So How Have You Done In Your First Month You May Be Thinking ….

So I didn't think the best time to start my No Buy Year I will say that with all the Black Friday Sales but I did really well I bought one thing in December more on that a little later . 
I didn't buy any new make up in November for me that is such a big deal as I like a good splurge if I haven't shopped in awhile so nothing in November at all . 

I wanted to start the No Buy in November because there is no time like the present right ? 
My mum  always said don't put off what you can do today till tomorrow so that's what I did …

I wouldn't say I broke the No Buy part of the rules of the No Buy are that you can replace items that are essential to your make up routine and at the moment I am using the revolution x imogentation highlight to the moon palette which has your face powders and contour powders in it but I am hitting pan on quite a few of them and wanted to get a contour palette and came across a revolution one in the shade fair (I probably should have got light really with my skintone ) anyway it was just £4 from £8 so I thought I would give it a try so this is the only item that I did get for myself which I don't think is too bad …

I am really proud of myself but there are still 11 months to go and I don't expect every month to be as easy as this every month I will be updating you on my progress and tell you how I have gotten on , 
Who else is going on a no buy or doing a no buy in 2019 maybe we can show some support to one another . 

Shopping My Make Up Collection / Shop My Stash 

what I have been doing through November is shopping my make up collection/shop my stash and honestly every week when I have pulled new make up it has actually felt like all the items was new to my collection which is just proof that you can get enjoyment from the make up that you have in your collection so that is what I have been doing this past month I've been using a few different eyeshadow palettes that I want to do reviews on for you and maybe show you some looks that I created using them . 

Project Panning For 2019 

I have set 10 items aside that I am hoping to pan by the end of February that I will talk about in another blog post as I want to talk about all the items in more detail a lot of the items are older items in my make up collection that I have already hit pan on and I am now wanting to show them some love and get them out of my collection and focus on new projects from March onwards . 

So I do have quite a few things that I want to talk about with you guys going forward...

Thanks for reading as always means so so so much to me