Tuesday 6 November 2018

Urban Decay - Kristen Leanne Kalediscope Dreams Palette Review and First Impressions/ My Thoughts

Hello Beauties,

Today I wanted to talk to you about this beautiful palette that Kristen Leanne did in collaboration with Urban Decay .

I remember watching someone's you tube channel and they did a get ready with me and this palette just screamed to me for the bold colours .

A lot of my eyeshadows in my collection are all neutral as for the longest time I never wore bold colourful eye shadow as I didn't think I suited colourful looks now I just love it especially if there metallic like the shimmers in this palette.

I think maybe I had a fear of really bold eyeshadows like the ones in this palette but now I just love playing around with colourful eye shadows like the ones in this palette if your like me and have been wearing neutral eyeshadows for a long time and want to try a colourful eye look I would say embrace it maybe just start by adding a pop of colour to your lash line with a neutral eye look as that looks really pretty.

This eye shadow palette is so stunning from the packaging to the actual eye shadows Kristen Leanne has done an amazing job with this palette. 

The only thing I can see that is wrong with this eye shadow palette and why people might not have enjoyed using it is there aren't a lot of matte eye shadows in it and there is no cream base eyeshadow which I always use so I had to use my single eye shadow from nyx and also there is no transition eyeshadow as the shade Tajin is just too dark to be a transition eyeshadow anyway more on that in a little while   . 

It's a bit of a pain working out of 2 palettes or even using a single eye shadow    

Lets get into the looks ….

Look Number 1 

Look number 1 was one of my favourites and when I saw this eyeshadow palette in my local Debenhams this was the eyeshadow that made me buy this palette . 

Before I could even use the eyeshadow palette I had to use my NYX single eyeshadow in lace it's just a nice ivory matte eyeshadow that I use after I have put my eyeshadow base on .
 Then I went into my z palette and used Make Up Geek Peach Smoothie as a transition eyeshadow .

Finally I could then go into the Kaleidoscope Dream Palette where I used Tajin which is a matte orange with a brown undertone I only used this very sparingly as it is really pigmented . 
I then used the gorgeous green from the eyeshadow palette which is called Lime Time it really is a stunning eye shadow 

I fell in love with this eyeshadow as soon as I looked at the palette I just wish it was bigger it is the smallest eyeshadow out of the entire palette and for me this is the eyeshadow that I would have got the most used out of …

If  Urban Decay sold this eyeshadow as a single I would definitely buy it as a back up 

Look Number 2 

I can't decide whether I like look number 1 or look number 2 better I love the gold in this palette it's very metallic this look stands out a lot more then look number 1 I think . 

I used the same base eyeshadow and transition eyeshadow that I used previously so I won't go into that again and also used Tajin again but used a little bit more then I did the previous time to see how it looks when you build up the eyeshadow and I really like it . Tajin looks especially nice with this gold eyeshadow it's so nice and seems so much more metallic then the other eyeshadows in this palette . 

The gold eyeshadow is called Stay Gold and I'm not sure if Kristen Leanne says that a lot on her channel like maybe it's a quote and that is why she has incorporated it into the palette because I haven't watched enough of her channel . I didn't even know about Kristen Leanne till I saw this eye shadow palette and also the highlighter palette which I also have and will be doing a separate review on . 

Look Number 3 

Look number 3 was a bit out there even for me but I really like how it turned out so again I used the same base eyeshadow and transition and also Tajin in the crease like I have done with all these looks and then went in with spitfire which is a strange eyeshadow it looks purple and also fuscia it's a very duo chrome eye shadow 
 it's very pretty and looks gorgeous all over the eyelid. 

Look Number 4 

Last but not least is look number 4 it's a every day bronze eyeshadow look . 

Again same base and transition eyeshadow was used and Tajin in the crease and then all over the lid I used the bronze eyeshadow in the palette which is called Corona it truly is stunning and it gives a little bit of a smoky eye without it being too in your face which I love . 

What I really like about this eyeshadow palette is that it's not just filled with bold in your face colourful eyeshadow … Yes a good percentage of it is but you can use the neutral eyeshadows for everyday use such as the matte eyeshadow Tajin,  Stay Gold and Corona 

With all the looks I used the same eyeshadows on the lash line just so that it was cohesive and I used the highlighters from the palette which I mixed together a lot of the time to get a duochrome effect and there called Leo + Brixton .

Leo is the blue eyeshadow and Brixton is white and they just look stunning when they are mixed  together . 

I take it back this teal eyeshadow is my favourite in the palette just look how pigmented it is it's given the huda beauty electric palette a run for it's money 

This teal blue is called LCW I love this look it's so vibrant . 

I could have swore I did a look using the other blue eyeshadow in the palette but can't find it in my photos maybe I just didn't take a photo of it . 

It's a really nice dark blue and I will have to do a future look with it, it's called TRM also there is the dark purple and of course the black that I haven't used . 

Unfortunately this eyeshadow was limited edition and I got really lucky when I went to my local Debenhams. 
I tried ordering this online when I heard it was in the Debenhams sale unfortunately it had completely sold out .
 I went into my local Debenhams and by chance it was just there waiting for me it was so inexpensive I feel very fortunate to have this in my make up collection  as I got a real deal on this palette.
 I think I got it for half price or even less so it was well worth the money I am not sure I would have paid full price for it . 

Urban decay eyeshadow palettes are not exactly cheap and you do only get 10 eyeshadows the lay out isn't exactly great either in this palette . 

I know a lot of people complained about this when the palette came out how strange the layout was and I agree to a point it's really mismatched and strange why they have done it this way and maybe that is one of the reasons why the palette didn't do so well and they had to put it in the sale . 
Not that I mind it allowed me to buy the eye shadow palette 

I like the brush in the palette as well you get a nice blending brush on the other side it's like a smudging brush to do your lash line which is nice and of course the mirror is nice and big aswell . 

Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows 

I love how pigmented these eyeshadows are there amazing 

I wouldn't say this is a nice travel friendly eyeshadow palette because you will need to take at least either another palette with you or a couple of single eyeshadows in your make up bag which defeats the purpose of it being a travel palette but it's nice to have more colour in my make up collection . 

Thanks for reading as always I appreciate you all taking the time out of your day. 
did anyone get this eyeshadow palette I would be really interested to know your thoughts so why not leave me a comment down below....