Tuesday 2 October 2018

Why I No Longer Order From Kylie Cosmetics - No Shade

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would talk about why I no longer order from Kylie Cosmetics I will be honest compared to some of the make up I have in my collection high end to drug store and I have a lot I just think for the price Kylie Cosmetics is overrated .
I think your paying for the person behind the brand rather then the actually quality of the cosmetics.

I realise not everyone is going to agree with me on this subject and that's fair enough I have tried quite a few different products from the Kylie Cosmetics range so I do feel like I can have a discussion and give my opinion on the products that I have bought

Since Kylie Jenner launched her website and her brand I have bought quite a few products I got both the bronze eye shadow palette and the burgundy palette a handful of lipsticks and yes the lipsticks are good especially the nude shades such as Posie K , Exposed and all the others she brought out I have to say though they are no better then what you could pick up from the drugstore .

If you live in the UK NYX do some great alternatives to Kylie's lipsticks at a fraction of the price for instance NYX Lip Lingerie a lot of those lipsticks are very similar to Kylies nude collection of lipsticks which are £7 where as Kylie's are $17 which I know doesn't seem that much but if you live in the UK you have to account for customs tax more about that later though.

In my make up collection I really don't have much left from the Kylie Brand at all and to be honest I am thinking of maybe selling this Burgundy eye shadow palette it's barely been used I think once I twice and I just think someone may benefit from it more that doesn't have a collection as big as mine .

I have got only 4 lipsticks left from her collection and I used to have so many I sold the others that I had .
The lipsticks I have are exposed which is a really nice pretty matte nude pink, True Brown K which for the life of me I don't know what possessed me to buy it, it's far too dark for my pale skin everyone says I suit it but I just don't feel right when I wear it .
I have been tanning a bit lately so maybe it will look nicer when I have a darker skin tone .

I have a couple of the metallic lipsticks which I do really like King King and Reign which I really should start wearing more .

I do really love the packaging on this palette with the burgundy dripping effect coming from the eyes I think she does a great job with the packaging I have to admit . 
These palettes are also really travel friendly so that's a bonus if you travel a lot and don't want to take bulky eye shadow palettes. 

So here it is the burgundy palette and on the website it says it is Kylie's favourite palette it retails for $42 which in GBP is just over £32 which you might think isn't that bad for an eyeshadow palette you get 9 eyeshadows in the palette and this is one of her better eyeshadow palettes they can be very hit and miss and also for what you pay for this eyeshadow palette if you just pay the extra £6 you can get a 16 pan eye shadow palette from too faced or an urban decay palette the list is endless . 

Not only that the other reason that I don't like shopping on the kylie cosmetics website and other American websites is the ridiculous tax that I had to pay I had 2 different orders and when I went to collect my parcels they wanted almost the same in tax as what the eyeshadow palette was worth so it really isn't worth it for me to order from the likes of  Kylie Cosmetics or Colour Pop and websites like this . 
Strange thing is though I have ordered from BH Cosmetics before and haven't paid any customs I know what I ordered was cheaper but even so how can it be that I have to pay all that customs tax on things from Kylie Cosmetics and Colour Pop and not BH Cosmetics . 

If anyone knows the answer to this question please leave me a comment down below. 

So this is the reason I won't be shopping at Kylie Cosmetics anymore which is a shame as I have looked on her site and there are so many things I would like those matte lipsticks look so nice for instance and they are only $17 which really isn't bad I have paid between £25-30 for my higher end charlotte tilbury, dior and chanel lipsticks but I haven't paid any tax with them as I just go into the store and pick the ones I want . 

When I pay customs tax I just feel like I am wasting my money this really isn't any shade at Kylie like I said earlier I have enjoyed some of her lipsticks and the burgundy palette is ok but I have tried drugstore eye shadow palettes from the likes of revolution (make up revolution ) in the past and they are more pigmented then this palette you also get more eyeshadows in the make up revolution eyeshadow palettes and it's 1/3 of the price . 

The good thing that I noticed about Kylie and her website is that she offers free shipping now both domestic and international which is fantastic when I placed my orders there was no such thing. 
When you place an order domestically you just have to spend $40 and internationally $60 which is very easy done . 

So yes this is my little rant over with as always thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post it means so much to me .