Monday 1 October 2018

Bit Of A Crazy Day - Decluttering Day

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are all well

So today I did something that I had been thinking about doing for quite some time and that's decluttering some make up  that I just don't use anymore I want to give someone else a chance to use it as a blogger I am so  thankful for all the make up that I have in my collection but I have way too much , too much to use in 5 lifetimes let alone 1 .

So this is my little desk space that I have created for blogging this is where I am going to write everything from in case you guys were wondering where I write from .

It's not the biggest space in the world but there is more then enough room for my laptop and that's all I need .

 I used to write in the front room with just my laptop on my knee but it always gave me neck ache which wasn't great and it's not very professional is it .

I feel like this is a very calming environment with the candle burning while I type away I feel very relaxed . .

My only regret is that I didn't take a before and after shot guys it was bad there was stuff everywhere I feel so much better now I have decluttered and a lot of the make up I have decluttered are going to really good homes my sister and niece want to take most of it

My room is looking much more organised as well and not as chaotic so hopefully I will sleep a little better tonight then I have in the last few weeks . I have been waking up like a zombie that is one of the problems when you have insomnia but that's when the inspiration normally hits for what blog posts to write next .

I'm not doing too bad at the moment it's still relatively early for me it's only 00:44 (she says sarcastically ) seriously though if anyone knows any good herbal remedies for insomnia please leave me a comment down below I feel like I have tried everything .

As I did this declutter day I am going to post this today so you can look at the end result .

I will be showing everything that I have decluttered on my you tube channel if you want to see that the link is on the blog.

As always my beauties thanks for reading it means so so so much to me