Thursday 4 October 2018

First Impressions Eyeshadow Palettes I Can't Wait to Try

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would talk to you all about 4 eyeshadow palettes I have had for awhile but haven't got around to using yet just because I have so many in my collection and I am completely obsessed with eyeshadow palettes.

I'll start by talking about this pretty little palette the magical one by pretty little palettes I knew nothing of this brand until I saw a live video on my facebook and knew I had to have this palette it is so beautiful .

Just look at that packaging it i'm getting serious unicorn vibes of the front of this packaging and the eyeshadows inside the palette just looks so stunning and nothing like the rest of the eyeshadows in my collection 

Oh gosh just look at this palette it really is truly beautiful you get 5 shimmer metallic eyeshadows which are so unique and 3 matte eyeshadows which suits me fine as I always like more shimmer in a palette then matte . I know a lot of people are the other way around they prefer more matte eyeshadow but this works fine for me . 

I am so tempted to show you some swatches of this palette but I want to talk about this more in my review of the palette I seriously can't wait to use this palette out of the 3 palettes that I am going to talk about I will probably use this first so watch this space for a review with swatches and looks will come very soon .

Again gorgeous packaging I love the whole water colour packaging it really does look beautiful …

This palette is from a company called labelle which again I had never heard of before and it came up on facebook and I also watched a you tube video that tammi clark did and she used this palette in one of her tutorials and I really liked the look she created .

In this palette there are 8 shimmer/metallic eyeshadows and 6 Matte eyeshadows which I think is more then enough matte eyeshadow well for me personally it is anyway .

To be honest the top row is nothing special to me until you get to the shimmer/metallic eyeshadows the matte eyeshadows in this palette I am sure I have got them 10 times over in other palettes in saying that though it will be nice to try them to see what the pigment is like and how well they perform as I don't own any other eyeshadow palettes from this company.

I wanted to try this palette purely for the shimmer eyeshadows I will be honest mainly the gorgeous ivy eyeshadow, the purple eyeshadow looks really nice as well that is in the shade Delta Chic and there is a really nice unique rose gold in the palette called Sunset

Next Is a palette that I feel like I have been waiting to try for months and months on end...

 I got this palette at the start of the summer and I really should use this palette before the pretty little palette really but that magical palette inspires me so much and is so so so  cute .

It's the exotica palette from PS Beauty which is Primark's own beauty line and I love this line so much I have to admit to date what I have got from the line is mainly lipsticks a few highlighters and a couple of foundations from the brand that is because the Primark where I shop really doesn't sell a huge collection I'm hoping that will change and I can try more eye shadow palettes in the near future. . 
I really want to try more eyeshadow palettes from the brand and I also have ideas maybe to do a entire face look with Primark make up which is totally do-able as I now have this beautiful palette . 

The packaging on the front of this palette just reminds me of summer and going on lovely holidays with all the palm trees in the back ground . 

When I bought this palette if memory serves me correctly it was just £6 which I think is a bargain but then a few weeks later Primark had a sale and it had gone down to half price I hope that has nothing to do with the quality of the eyeshadow . 

In this palette there are 4 matte eyeshadows and 6 shimmer/metallic eyeshadow and I can't wait to use this palette either there are some truly gorgeous shadows in this palette I love the look of the green and the gold on the top row, the blue on the bottom row and the the duo chrome white on the bottom row this is giving me serious vibes it looks identical to Juvia's Place In the douce palette the shadow is called Tart so i'm looking forward to giving you my thoughts on this . 

Thinking about it now this palette does remind me of the Juvia's Place eye shadow palettes it's colourful , it is a 9 pan eyeshadow palette like Juvia's Place the packaging is made out of cardboard and doesn't have a mirror . You could certainly see why people would think the palettes were similar and that Primark had taken inspiration from Juvia's place . 

Last but not least is a newer palette that I only received yesterday I wasn't even going to talk about this palette but thought since I was writing about palettes that I am looking forward to using I may as well talk about this one as well and this is Septembers Deck Of Scarlet Palette . 

This is such a beautiful palette and I can't wait to try the eyeshadows out  it, it is a very neutral eyeshadow palette which I have so many off but that middle foiled rose gold in the shade Ziya is just stunning and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you on this palette 

The packaging is so stunning like all the Deck of Scarlet palettes and make them totally travel friendly as you can do your full face make up with this palette  all you would have to take extra is your foundation, a bronzer if you wanted and a mascara . 

Thanks for reading as always slightly longer then I wanted I just wanted to show you what is coming up on my blog in the next few weeks in regards to reviews and what I will be using . 

I have got a whole bunch of make up revolution eyeshadow palette reviews that I want to do but they will be getting done at a later date . I can't wait to use the Lemon Drizzle Palette in Particular .