Sunday 7 October 2018

Thoughts On Mac Soft and Gentle Highlighter and Dupes

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would give you my thoughts on products I have had in my collection awhile lets start with the first MAC Product that I ever bought and that's the cult classic that everyone has bought at sometime or another and it's the soft and gentle highlighter .

Since I have bought my soft and gentle highlight they have changed the packaging and I have to say I much prefer the new packaging to the way this older packaging looks . 

The new packaging looks so much sleeker I'm not too sure whether they changed the formula as well when they changed the packaging I know some companies do that if you know the answer to that question please just leave me a comment down below. 

I remember when I got this highlighter I really, really didn't like it I didn't see what the big deal was with it everyone really raved about and it's bccome a cult beauty product with bloggers and vloggers . 

At the time I got this I knew next to nothing about make up and how to use it as it's a baked highlighter it doesn't always show up on the skin that is unless you scratch the top layer of the highlight which is what I did and it performed so much better . 

I was going through my highlighter drawer yesterday and I thought I might have to throw this out as It was my first ever highlight that I bought I tried it on my face and either I have got better at applying highlighter which is probably the case or it's like a fine wine and has got better with age …

If you would have asked me at the time do I recommend this highlighter I would have definitely said no but using this yesterday on my face has made me love it again and if you haven't tried this highlighter I would definitely recommend it if you want to try a higher end highlight 

That being said I don't think you need to spend over the odds for a really good highlighter make up revolution do some really good ones and I believe you can get some really good dupes for this highlight .

How gorgeous is this highlighter I just love it, its popping 

I took these images of Pinterest I wanted to show you a couple of dupes for soft and gentle and I have to be honest this looks like a pretty good dupe in the pan it looks very similar and the swatch too so why would you pay £25 when  you can buy the elf one for just a few pounds it makes no sense .

I wouldn't say make up revolution Godess of  love highlighter is a dupe I swatched them both on my arm and soft and gentle was a little bit more golden I'm really impressed with the elf one though . 

I wish Pinterest would let you know who have posted photographs so I can credit their photographs here . 
If these are your photos i'm really sorry but I didn't see any name by them to credit you in this post .

Has anyone tried the elf blush gems highlight if so what are your thoughts is this highlighter a dupe in your opinion ? 

I did plan on giving you my thoughts on the lipstick velvet teddy but that would have made this post way too long so I will be doing a separate post on that and hopefully find a couple of dupes for you too . I'm sure I have a couple of dupes for you in my collection so I will be able to show some swatches hopefully .

As always my lovelies thanks so much for your continued support it means so much to me .