Friday 5 October 2018

Review On Primark PS Pure Blender & PS Primer Water - My Honst Opinions On These Products

Hello Beauties ,

This is another one of those blog posts that I wanted to do weeks ago but I keep thinking of other things to do I definitely have to start writing down my ideas in my planner (after all Andrea you did buy it for a reason ) Honestly it's just been gathering dust ….

Okay so lets talk about the beauty blenders first and guys it pains me to say this if you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know how much I love Primark's beauty line which is called PS and now they have brought out a lot of luxe items in this line and called it PS Pure and although I haven't tried much I have tried a few things and have really enjoyed using them especially the highlighter in the shade Arctic Ice it B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L So when I saw these really cute beauty blenders I wanted to try them but honestly my lovelies I don't say this a lot but save your £2 and pass on them and put that money towards a real techniques beauty blender because they are so good …

I hated these beauty blenders so much and here is why ….

So why do you hate the beauty blenders so much I hear you asking yourself … surely they can't be that bad you may be thinking …

It's actually worse I will go so far to say that they are the worst beauty blender that I have used and I have tried a lot of beauty blenders in my time as a blogger . 

Hate I think is a little bit of a strong word so lets just say I really disliked them that sounds a bit better doesn't it ??

The reason for me not liking them is they just didn't blend my foundation well a lot of product stayed in the sponge the more foundation I used the more product stayed in the sponge …
 I used a full coverage foundation and it looked so sheer in the end and my foundation just looked patchy which is not a good look …

I had to go in with a foundation brush which defeats the purpose of putting your foundation on with a beauty blender it's so annoying when this happens . 

So not only did the beauty blenders not work I felt like I wasted so much time trying to get it to work and that's not how it should be your make up tools should work for you not the other way around
 I just didn't like this product at all and felt like I had wasted my time using it 

I did have high hopes for these beauty blenders I tried some of the other ones Primark beauty blenders a couple of years ago and I remember not liking them either I wanted to give these a chance because they looked more luxe but for me personally I won't be buying my beauty blenders from Primark again  , 

I think I got sucked in by the gorgeous packaging and I love the marble effect and one of these beauty blenders has that lovely marble effect …

So as sad as it is for me to say I will not be recommending this item as I feel it was a waste of money for me . 

Onto a brighter note the Primark PS Primer Water I do really like this I don't use it as a Primer but what I do use it for is when I want my eyeshadows too be a little more pigmented and vivid I will spray a tiny amount of this onto my eye shadow brush like I would fix plus and it works really well just as well as fix plus in my opinion . 

You get so much product in this bottle it's 150ML for just £2 I would definitely recommend this product like I said as a primer I don't know how it performs but for the intensity of making your eyeshadows more pigmented it does an amazing job and I will definitely repurchase this product when I run out of it 

I don't think we have done too bad one of the products I really disliked and wouldn't recommend the other I loved and  would totally recommend to you beauties out there . 

Thanks for reading as always love you all so so so much