Sunday 30 September 2018

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Glow Review

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend

Today I wanted to talk about this highlighter I got from Superdrug awhile back it's from revolution (make up revolution )

First lets talk about the beautiful Rose Gold Packaging it's so beautiful and sleek looking it has a really generous sized mirror which not only allows you to do your highlight but is perfect for applying the rest of your make up

These highlighters really remind me of the Kylie Cosmetics highlighters with the dripping effect
If you look at the link below that I have included you will be able to see how similar both of the highlighters are not just with the dripping effect but the shade of the highlighters in this palettes looks very similar as well .
I'm not 100% as I don't have any of the Kylie Cosmetics highlighters but this highlighter to me looks like a complete dupe

Kylie Kyshadow 

Like with most highlighters if you have any texture on your face such as big pores like myself it will exaggerate them on my nose I just use these highlighters on the tip rather then on the bridge of my nose as I do have very big pores on my nose .

It's such a gorgeous highlight on the cheeks very glowing and is definitely one of my favourite make up products that I have been using this month and I would highly recommend it , it's only £6 for 2 highlighters which is such a bargain you get 0.22oz/6.4g of product in the golden highlight which is the bigger highlight on the left and 0170z/4.8g of the rose golden highlight .

I use both of these highlights together I normally dip into the darker golden highlight first and then the rose golden highlight and it is just the perfect highlight for me it really is stunning .

The only negative I can think of with this highlighter palette is the highlighters are really gritty to the touch but that doesn't show up on the skin.

I only noticed as I have a lot of higher end highlighters and obviously they are smooth as butter you can't really expect the same quality with a £6 highlighter that you would get with a say £25-30 highlighter .

The only reason I mention this is it might cause a problem to some people for me personally it causes no problem as it performs so well and you only need the smallest amount and it leaves your skin glowing .

I like this highlighter better then some of my higher end highlighters hence the reason for me using it all month and would never recommend a product that I didn't think was worth the money

I am wearing the highlight in this photo I just love the way it looks on my face as I said earlier when you touch the highlighter in the pan it does feel gritty to the touch almost like it would show all the texture on your skin but it doesn't at all.

If I would have swatched this in Superdrug there is no way I would have bought it for that reason at all you just assume if the highlighter is gritty it won't look nice but this looks stunning on the face .

Thanks for reading as always have you tried this highlighter out I would love to know your thoughts also what products are your favourite from Revolution (make up revolution) I would love to know .