Wednesday 5 September 2018

Updated Review On The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Armed and Gorgeous Eyeshadow Palette & The last Eyelooks Created

Hello Beauties,

I recently spoke about Morphe and Jaclyn Hill collaboration the Armed and Gorgeous Palette I can now do a full review and share my thoughts with you on this entire palette and tell you if it's worth the money.

Lets start with the packaging I really like the white packaging of this palette and love the fact that all the eyeshadows have been named when a company sells a palette at a inexpensive price like this £15 palette sometimes they don't put the names of eyeshadows in the palette or they will put the names on a plastic sheet which is a pet hate of mine so I really really like that morphe and Jaclyn hill decided to name all of the eyeshadow .

I also love that the palettes come with a nice sized mirror every time I have used this palette I have used this mirror and I feel that it's the right size for this palette .

The packaging on the outside is really stunning but lets just address the ELEPHANT in the room this packaging is so alike the Becca and Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette
The design of the palette is very pretty and identical to the palette being white the only difference I can see between the two on inspection is the Becca and Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection is white and gold so the circle has gold writing in it  and gold and silver dots around the circle.

The Morphe and Jaclyn Hill Armed and Gorgeous Eye Shadow Palette the Morphe and Jaclyn Hill writing is inside a silver circle and has green circles which indicates what palette it is and has silver  stars .

The palette though is just too similar on the outside of the packaging in my opinion and I am not the only one that thinks so.

 I have watched so many drama channels with the tea and genuine receipts on the gossip of what is happening with Jaclyn and Becca how true it is I don't know.

 What I do know is both these palettes the designs are very similar and some people are suggesting it's copyright that Becca may own the design of the palette as this was used on the Champagne collection palette first..

I love the back of the packaging I love it when you tubers do collaborations and they put their photograph on the palette .

Jaclyn looks so pretty and very happy here and who wouldn't be she has released some more eyeshadows that could not get released in the original palette as there was too many and this is why this collection is called the vault because all of these eyeshadows have been kept in the ''vault'' until now

I haven't tried the original Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Palette what are everyone's thoughts on this . 

Some people say that the original palette is so much better then these vault palettes and are disappointed that the eyeshadows are not the same consistency .

I can understand why people would be upset as Jaclyn said in one of her videos that we could expect the same quality that was in the original palette . 

Lets talk about the palette - 

My favourite eyeshadows from this palette have not changed the eyeshadows that I love are Access, Agent and Secure they are my favourite matte eyeshadows from this palette I think they blend out really well .

The shimmers I spoke about this last time I did the first impressions on this palette the only real shimmer I have enjoyed using is Coin it's such a beautiful shimmer it's a real unique gold metallic eyeshadow .

Gilt trip and Classified are just so disappointing I have used £4 revolution palettes that perform better .

I saw a tweet on Jaclyn's twitter account and she suggested rubbing the top layer off to get these eyeshadows to perform better and this was on the gossip channel by Karina Kaboom you should definitely not have to do this to get your eyeshadows to work for you .

I haven't tried rubbing the top layer of with kitchen roll as the tweet suggest I will try it on the eye shadows that don't perform well and give you an update on that but I am not expecting miracles as I watched Karina's video and she did it on her palette which was the Armed and Gorgeous palette and they only swatched slightly better

What Jaclyn Hill Suggests To Do With Palettes  Here is the link

The other 3 mattes in this collection I really don't like either Top Secret which I am most disappointed with because I wanted a really nice matte forrest green for my eye shadow collection I will still use this shade for my lash line .

The other 2 matte brown eyeshadows I really really don't like they do not perform well at all infact they swatch better on my arm then they perform on your eyes . (well that's the case for my palette anyway)

smooth criminal and prowl are very patchy and doesn't blend at all well .

The other shimmer that I have not yet spoken about VIP I do like and will use it when I use this palette I will use it for the inner corner highlight  I don't like to use a shimmer on the brow bone so it won't be used for that .

I hope I can get Gilt Trip and  Classified  to work a bit better who know if I take the top layer off it might be a little better - watch this space....

I do think Classified is the worst shimmer out of this palette it's very gritty and looks very chunky as you saw in the previous post  if you have read that where I give my first impressions

Here are all the swatches from the eyeshadows as you can see the eyeshadows look more pigmented and swatch really well I just wished they performed just as well on the eyelids .

Summary -  In summary the only eyeshadows I like from this palette are the yellow based matte eyeshadows which are access, agent and secure which is fine as I bought this palette for the yellow toned eyeshadows and shimmer mainly coin so I am glad that coin at least performs I would have been devastated if that didn't perform and would have definitely sent my palette back to Morphe for a full refund .

Out of this palette including the VIP shimmer eyeshadow there are only 5 eyeshadows that I will be using when I use this palette which is so disappointing  it's just half of the eyeshadows and just seems a waste of money I know it's only £15 but even so it's £15  money wasted as I won't be using the rest of the matte eyeshadows .

Is it worth your money - is it worth my money you ask well if your buying this eyeshadow in hope of getting great value for your money I would say no there are so many nicer eyeshadow palettes out there that all of the eyeshadows perform well or at least the majority not 50% like in this case.

I would never tell you what to buy and what not to buy this is not what this blog is about it's about me giving you my thoughts and opinions .

I also am the type of person that shows support to you tubers that I like to watch and I don't watch Jaclyn Hill as much as I used too but when I do I enjoy her content so I wanted to try this palette out and give my opinion on it 

 I am glad I have got this palette for the yellow toned eyeshadows and that one shimmery metallic eyeshadow in the shade coin so it's not a palette I regret buying but I do understand why people are complaining about these palettes .

I can't speak for the other palettes from the collection as I don't have them and because of my experience with this palette I won't be buying any more of the palettes it's a real shame as I really liked the ring the alarm palette but I am not going to buy it because of what I have experienced with the Armed and Gorgeous Palette .

It's also put me off buying the Morphe and Jaclyn Hill original palette she released as I said earlier Jaclyn said in one of her videos the pigment is the same well if that's the case then that palette is also not for me .

I think in this first photo I am wearing secure in the crease and then I think I am using top secret and you can see just how patchy it is on the eyelids.

I really don't like this look after I took these photos I took the shade coin and put it in the centre of my eyelid . The top secret eyeshadow is just terrible it doesn't blend out well it's patchy and just looks dirty on the eyelid . It did look better when I put the coin eyeshadow in the centre .

This is how the look looked once I topped the top secret eyeshadow with coin I think it looks much better

I like this look much better then the one above so you can use the matte eyeshadows that don't perform well as long as you put a shimmer in the middle .

I wore smooth criminal in this picture but I wore a glitter over the top of it from collection I can't remember the shade it's gold and just makes the eyeshadow look better probably because you can't really see smooth criminal on the eye lid .

So there are ways of making this palette work for you but you really shouldn't have to put shimmer on a all matte look if you don't want too

I would be interested to hear what you all think of this collection ? 

Who picked up this collection what are your thoughts ? 

I would love to know how this compares to the original Morphe and Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette . 

If you have both I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading as always