Saturday 8 September 2018

Disney Pandora Bracelet and Charms and the Jewellery Box I Keep It In

Hello Beauties,

Today I would like to talk about some of my Pandora Jewellery and the charms on this Disney themed Pandora bracelet .

My bracelet is more of a Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed bracelet because they are my favourite characters as they are such cuties.

My bracelet is pretty much how I want it, it has some gorgeous Disney charms on it a lot of them have been discontinued .

I bought a lot of the charms in the Pandora sale but you can get the charms of ebay and for much cheaper them I even paid in the sale at Pandora as they are 2nd hand on ebay and sellers tend to want a quick sale ….

I am going to talk you through all the charms on my bracelet ….

This Stackers Jewellery box is from HM Samuel and it's where I keep my beautiful Disney Bracelet in this Jewellery box .

I like that there is a section for your bracelet and then there is another section that fits all your charms that make up a full bracelet .

Lets start with some of my favourite charms -

Mickey with the glass red heart this charm is one of the newest on the bracelet it's stunning and sparkles when the sun or light catches the light .
This charm is definitely one of my favourites on this bracelet. 

Minnie Bow Charm - This is a Disney Pandora Parks Charm and is another one of my favourite charms that is on the bracelet. 

Minnie Shoe Charm - This is also a Disney Pandora Parks Charm it's such a cute charm and looks stunning next to the Minnie Bow Charm 

Rose Gold Pandora Floating Locket With Disney Petite again this is a gorgeous charm . 
I love rose gold jewellery and this Minnie mouse petite looks stunning inside the floating locket and the nice thing about this charm is you can wear it on your bracelet or you can wear it on your bracelet like I do . 

Disney Minnie Mouse Pandora Murano Charm another one that I love and I actually wanted to get 2 of these Murano charms but my local Pandora only had one in the sale . 

Mickey Mouse Clip these clips are just stunning and look really stunning on the bracelet as they have diamantes in the Mickey and Minnie heads on the clips. 

Mickey and Minnie Charm I got this in the Pandora Sale it's a stunning charm it has the 2 heads Mickey and Minnie and then inside the hearts it says Mickey on one heart and Minnie on the other in red such a beauty. 

Mickey Disney Parks Ferris Wheel Charm another beautiful charm and it adds a little bit of colour to a all silver charm bracelet which I like . 
I have tried to add as much colour to this bracelet as possible .

Mickey Pendant Charm - when I got this Mickey pendant charm I didn't want this charm I wanted the Minnie pendant charm but my local Pandora didn't have the Minnie Mouse Pendant charm so I bought the Mickey Mouse one instead . 

Most People would use these pendant charms on necklaces rather then on charm bracelets I think they look cute on charm bracelets though .

Lion with the crown charm - I call this my Lion King Charm and this is why it's on my Disney Pandora Bracelet as Lion King is a Disney Cartoon until I manage to get either another Mickey or Minnie charm it will stay on my bracelet. 

Pink Murano Glass Beads with hearts on them I love these charms and they add colour to my silver bracelet they do truly look stunning 

Silver Bow - I have this charm on my bracelet for 2 reasons the first is that it was the first ever Pandora Charm that my mum bought for me . Secondly Minnie Mouse wears bows so I thought it was quite an appropriate charm to wear on this bracelet . 

Red and White Minnie Mouse Spotted Glass Murano Charms - I love these charms it's nice to have them on the bracelet as it's inspired by Minnie and Mickey Mouse . 

Minnie Mouse Pendant Charm - I bought this charm on a shopping trip to a different city .
I had no intention of going into Pandora but I was walking by and I thought I would go into Pandora and see if they had in in the sale and lucky for me they had it in stock . 

I think this Minnie Mouse Pandora Charm is so cute much cuter then the Mickey Mouse Pendant Charm they both look nice I just like the Minnie Mouse Charm more but that is because I love Minnie Mouse. 

Minnie Mouse Cupcake - This is the first ever Disney Charm that I ever bought it's a none Pandora charm and was bought from HM Samuel it's from their chrysalia brand . At the time I didn't even know I was going to make a Disney Pandora bracelet but looking back this one charm was definitely my inspiration behind this bracelet. 

Lastly is the Minnie Mouse Clip I used to wear this on another Pandora Clip Bracelet it's a lot older then the Mickey Mouse Clip . 

You can see it's losing it's shine a little as far as the diamante's are concerned but I still think it's an incredibly cute charm 

So these are all my charms on this bracelet there are maybe 1 or 2 more charms I want to get eventually which I will take the silver bow charm off and the lion charm off and put them on another bracelet .

I know this is different from any type of beauty post but when I have filmed you tube videos and have been wearing my Pandora Jewellery in the past I have been asked what charms I have been wearing and as I have been wearing this bracelet for so long I thought I would start with this and do a collection of my Pandora Jewellery on my blog as well as on the you tube channel

Thanks for reading as always If you have any Pandora Videos on you tube or have written about your Pandora Collection I would love to read or watch it please leave me your links in the comments section.