Monday 3 September 2018

Top Five Blushers

Hello Beauties,

I have been using some old favourite blushers and I thought I would talk you through my favourites in this post .

These are my top five favourite blushers even though I am cheating a little including the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette , the Becca Blushed with Light Palette and the Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette as they have more then one blush in the palette but there is only one blush in each of those palettes that I love so it's not really cheating .

1-. My favourite and this is a cult favourite and was also my first ever high end blush it just has to be Nars Orgasm it's just a beautiful blusher . I love that it is  peach with a golden undertone so it just makes you glow . you don't even need to wear highlighter when you wear this blush if you don't want too as you already have a blusher on with that lovely golden glow it just looks beautiful on your skin and gives you that amazing sunkissed look .
This blusher is beautiful for spring and summer but in my case I wear it all year round . 

2-  is from the Becca and Jaclyn Hill Face Palette and if you have not already guessed it's a shade very close to Nars Orgasm and its the gorgeous Rose Spritz.
 Like Nars Orgasm this is just a stunning blush and could come joint first place I have just been wearing Nars Orgasm more lately and thought that should be talked about more .
Just looking at this Becca and Jaclyn Hill Palette has made me realise I really need to use this more then I do .

It's a stunning palette it has 2 gorgeous highlighters Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop which I tend to mix

The blushers are so beautiful Rose Spritz and Pamplemousse I don't really get much use for Amaretto but whilst I was swatching this palette I thought it might make a lovely bronzer so I will give that a try.

I know the Becca Blusher are expensive being £27 for the luminous blushers but they are totally worth it and I would buy them again in different shades that I don't already have as they are just so creamy and luxurious and go on your skin so smoothly .

I would say the texture of the Becca blushers are nicer then my Nars Orgasm blusher and any of the higher end blushers I have in my collection  . I have just been using Nars Orgasm more so that is why that has come first .

Doing this post has definitely made me think about using both these Becca Palettes more

3- comes from the Becca Blushed with light palette there is a beautiful blush in there called Snapdragon which I would say is a blush lighter then Rose Spritz and Pamplemousse from the Becca and Jaclyn hill collection it really is stunning  .
It's got the gold undertone that Rose Spritz does which makes this blush right up my street ….

4- This might come as a surprise to some of you but the next blush that is my favourite is this gorgeous blush from Primark's PS beauty line which is the shade Peachin .

Well this is a highlight but because it is too dark for my skin and it's sheer I use it as a peach topper you could even use it as a peach eye shadow so it's one of those multi purpose beauty products which I love.
 Like the rest of the blushers that are in my top five it's peach with that beautiful golden under tone so you get that beautiful glow on your skin .

When I saw this blusher in Primark I just had to try it along with one of their highlighters I think it's called brunch money the highlighter and the highlighter is fast becoming one of my favourites .

I bought them because the packaging reminded me of the Kylie Jenner packaging and the Peachin blush reminded me of my too faced peach blush I thought it might be a dupe and even though they are close and have that golden undertone the too faced peach one is darker .

5- last but certainly not least in my top five because I love all these blushers this blusher is the one that I have been wearing the least but even so I love it none the less it's from the Smashbox crush on blush palette and it's the top row middle shade which is called warm apricot this is the only blush out of the five that I have spoke about that doesn't have that golden glow so when I wear this blush and any like this I will add the blush topper from Primark to give that glow I love .

As you have probably noticed by now I love peach blushers with that golden undertone and these are my five current blushers that I have been using over the last few months I like to change it up so it could be a completely different story in 3 months time .

Here are the swatches so you can see how similar my taste is in blusher

 I thought I would show the swatches without the names of them first  so you could see just how similar my taste is in blusher is.

I just love all these blushers you can barely see peachin in the photo as it's bad lighting and it's a very sheer blush well really it's a highlight but I use it a blush topper which just looks absolutely beautiful

What are your favourite blushers ? 

Thanks for reading as always