Wednesday 26 September 2018

Smashbox Covershot Ablaze Eyeshadow Palette First Impressions, Review

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Today I thought I would do a little review, first impressions on this smashbox covershot ablaze eyeshadow palette.

So let's talk about the outer packaging first of all it really is beautiful has a very nice holographic autumnal front cover and it's very small so it's great for travelling with so already that is two pro's there are some cons to this palette also which I hate talking about but as always I do want to speak my truth on this palette. 

I remember when I first got this palette a couple of years ago for Christmas quite a few people on you tube were saying how they didn't like it after using it for the past few days I do understand . 

At the time I was thinking this is smashbox and even though I haven't tried a lot of their eye shadow palettes I was thinking to myself it can't be that bad can it . 

I have to admit some of the eyeshadows in this palette don't perform well and can see why people would be saying this is a very disappointing product. 

The palette really is great for this time of year autumn is definitely my favourite time of year and I love it when I can wear these kind of eyeshadows . 

The eyeshadow palette comes with 4 matte eye shadows and 4 shimmers which I like that you get 4 of each . 

Here are the swatches let me talk you through them 

Relaxed - Relaxed is a really nice ivory matte eyeshadow that I use after I have applied my concealer .
 I use this so the rest of my eyeshadows goes on well, the eyeshadow is intended to be used as a matte brow bone highlight for darker skin tones it will look lovely it's just too close to my natural skin tone to show up.

When I did the swatch for this eyeshadow  I had to swatch it  2-3 times just to get it to show up on my skin tone that is how close of a match it is.

Moccasin - Moccasin is a beautiful pink/gold shimmer I wouldn't say it was rose gold I would say it was more gold with a little bit of pink which is ideal for that inner corner highlight it really is a beautiful eyeshadow .

Siesta - Siesta is a gorgeous Rose Gold Shimmer it's really powdery but if you use it wet you can definitely work with it like most of the shimmers in this palette the eye shadows are really powdery and chunky which you wouldn't really expect from a high end brand .

Nirvana - Nirvana is a matte cranberry eyeshadow and  is really chalky to the touch I found that with this eye shadow the best thing to do is add a little at a time and it blended out fine .

Delirious - Delirious is a gorgeous copper shimmer eye shadow this is the only shimmer in the palette that doesn't kick up a lot of excess powder and you don't have to use it wet .

Torch - Torch is a lovely unique gold shimmer but again it has so much fall out and is so powdery and this is probably one of the worst eye shadows in the palette for pigmentation . Torch is not pigmented at all so your only option is to wet your brush with either some kind of primer water or mac fix plus.

I did a look yesterday using this eyeshadow which I will leave down below....

This is the look that I created even with spraying some primer on my brush to get the extra pigment it's not as pigmented as I would like but I really like this eye shadow it's a orange toned gold which I don't think I have in my collection and just screams Autumn .

When I did this make up look I forgot to put mascara on I never do that so it looks kind of strange looking at my eyes without mascara on them .

The other eyeshadows I used are Relaxed to set my base, Throwback in my crease then Nirvana just underneath 

Back to the swatches - 

Throwback - Throwback is a brick red matte eye shadow again quite chalky to the touch but not as bad as Nirvana . Throwback and Nirvana I found worked really well together and blended really well . 

Dark Horse - Dark Horse is the last eye shadow in the palette and probably the best matte eyeshadow in this entire palette which I was really surprised at . The formula of this shadow seems so much smoother and it blends out so much better then the other matte eye shadows . In the pan it looks black it's a really dark brown which I like to use for the lash line .
I think this eyeshadow will make a great smokey eyeshadow as black is just too harsh on my pale features 

Writing this post and giving my thoughts and opinions have really surprised me as I thought I had made my mind up to declutter this palette from my make up collection and even though there are some cons to this palette like with most things you can make it work for you, it's just working around it .

With shimmer eye shadows it's always easy getting extra pigment with the primer water mattes not so much especially if they are patchy the swatches are patchy for the mattes but if you just a little bit of the eye shadow at the time you can definitely create some nice autumnal looks with this palette.

It all depends if you want to spend extra time on your look not everyone wants to spend the time on under performing eye shadow palettes because that is what this is when all said and done and doesn't perform well and I will be honest if it wasn't for eyeshadows such as Moccasin, Delirious and Torch I would be decluttering this palette from my make up collection .

My opinion on this eye shadow palette is that it's not worth the money if you can't tell already fair enough it wasn't the most expensive palette in my collection but also it wasn't the cheapest at £24 .

I thought this palette was limited edition but I have just noticed that asos sell this if you do want to try it you can buy it there … I will leave the link down below if you want to check it out .


The eye shadow palette though is not one that I would recommend it really reminds me of the naked heat  petit palette without the shimmer eyeshadow . I personally have never had a problem with the urban decay formula so would definitely recommend you checking this out . 

Last thing I will say on the Smashbox Covershot Ablaze Palette is I was really disappointed with pigmentation of the eye shadows , the formula how inconsistent this palette is and that is the only reason I wouldn't recommend it . 

Thanks for reading as always