Friday 28 September 2018

First Impressions On The Ciate X Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun and Fearless Beauty Haul

Hello Beauties,

I have recently been using this lovely little palette, created by Ciate London X Chloe Morello and the gorgeous lipstick and mascara from the set .

I thought I would give my first impressions on the little set I have only used a few of the eyeshadows in this palette so I will be doing a more indepth review probably in the next week . I want to share the looks that I have created so far and tell you my thoughts on the eyeshadows that I have used so far .

Love the packaging of this collaboration the outer packaging matches the palette it really is truly beautiful .

I love the lipstick it's in the shade Sydney it's the perfect nude your lips but better , the mascara I love and would love it in full size the eyeliner I will never use which is a shame I just don't use that kind of eye liner I normally wear gel kohl eyeliners rather then liquid.

The eyeshadow palette already looks a bit beat up and you can certainly see what eye shadows I have used so far

The eyeshadows that I tend to use a lot are from the top row I use Topless which is the matte white as my base eyeshadow, Halo which is the eyeshadow next to it for my inner corner highlight it's a gorgeous golden highlight. Coco is my ideal transition eyeshadow every time I use this palette without fail I use these eyeshadows for any look that I create.

Sometime I will also use Nini which is a gorgeous matte brown and I have used the gorgeous gold shimmer eyeshadow all over the lid and it looks so stunning

How gorgeous is the gold eyeshadow it really makes blue eyes pop the other shadows used were topless as a base, coco as a transition and Nini in the crease .
I used the same eyeshadows on my lower lash line .

I love the top row of this palette so much it's probably my favourite starting with the second row Baby has to be the worst performing eyeshadow in the palette it's a lovely lilac eyeshadow and I don't wear a lot of lilac eyeshadows in my collection so initially I was looking forward to trying this shadow but I am not impressed it barely swatches, is very powdery and doesn't look that nice on the eyelid the best way to use this eyeshadow is wet with primer water or mac fix plus but even so even doing that it doesn't look overly pigmented.

With this look I used topless for the base eyeshadow coco as a transition eye shadow and violet in my crease then of course baby all over the eyelid you can see that the eye shadow on my eye lid that lovely lilac eyeshadow has hardly pigment whatsoever. 

This is today's look again the eyeshadows that I used were Topless for the base eyeshadow, coco for the transition eyeshadow, pony in the crease and platinum on the eyelid this eyeshadow is probably one of the most pigmented in the eyeshadow that I have used so far but without using primer water it's not as pigmented as I like my shimmer eyeshadows to be . 

I am also wearing the lovely lipstick from this little set in the shade Sydney it's so beautiful and of course the mascara . I love the mascara so much it's got a really nice wand that just lifts your lashes and gives you that false lash effect without you having to spend your time putting the lashes on which is great for people like me that no matter how hard they try they just can't put lashes on so mascaras like this I just love having in my collection.

Ignore the fact that I forgot to put mascara this day I was in a rush this was the day when I decided to use the gorgeous rose gold shimmer eyeshadow again same eyeshadows Topless for the base, coco as my transition and Nini in the crease then Rose Gold all over the lid this is such a beautiful eyeshadow one of my favourites from the palette .
I just wish I would have remembered to use mascara this look would have looked so much better oh well not to worry.

I don't think the Rose Gold eyeshadow even looks like rose gold I think it looks more like a orange based gold it's really pretty .

The only other 2 eyeshadow I have used from this palette are 2 shimmer eyeshadows one of them is Copper which is a gorgeous bronze eyeshadow which I thought I had a picture of but unfortunately I don't I will do a look with this eyeshadow in the next few days .

Another of my favourite eyeshadows has to be Chartreuse is such a pretty unique lime green absolutely stunning this was the first eyeshadow I tried it's so nice again when I do a review on the palette I will put a look in the pictures using that shadow and the other green in the palette which is more of a forrest green called Soul .

So far so good with this little set I am looking forward to creating a few more looks and giving you my overall thoughts and opinions on it next week .

Thanks for reading as always it really does mean a lot to me ….