Monday 24 September 2018

My Curly Hair Routine For All You Naturally Curly Gorgeous Women

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would share my curly hair routine with all you lovely women out there that have naturally curly locks like mine that can be a struggle to maintain .

It's taken me many years to find products that actually work for my hair and not make it look so frizzy and just make the curls look defined and beautiful at the moment I have got quite the combination going on and this was a combination I came across by accident .

A couple of weeks ago I was going out and I was pushed for time so I decided to wear my hair curly instead of taking the 40 minutes to dry it and straighten it once I was out of the shower I just didn't have time for it .

I forgot I even had this mousse I was looking for a different mousse that I know that I have in my hair products collection but couldn't find and as this is a bodifying mousse  I thought I would give this a try.

 I am so glad I did I actually forgot how good this mousse is for my ''mind of their own curls''
So this is a mousse by the brand schwartzkopf and the line is Got 2 B and I have tried a few things from this line such as the powdered root boosters that you can get and hair straightening serum and I really do like them as a brand .

I also like that schwartzkopf are not crazily expensive to be honest I would pay as much as it costs to get the same look .
I have bought similar products from the hair salon in the past for £15-20 by the brands Tigi and bedhead and the outcome was very similar at the time I believed It was worth it as my curls were managed and looked nice . Now there are products like this on the market I wouldn't pay salon prices again I don't think there is a need .

Also boots do buy one get one half price so it gives you the opportunity to try different products in the line which I love .

I like that this mousse gives you a crazy amount of volume from root to the ends of your hair the end result truly is beautiful .
The smell of this mousse I love as well it doesn't smell of chemicals like some hair products do if anything it smells of a really nice shampoo .

This mousse gives you 4 times more volume then if you was to use any other mousse I would definitely recommend it if you want that extra va va voom .

Next product that I have been using is the VO5 Give me texture effortless wave creation foam this really is a great product and not just for naturally curly hair but also if your curling your hair with curlers and have straight hair you can use this product and it just gives you amazing texture and also has a heat defence in the product so your not ruining your hair with the heat of the curling tongs .
I will be honest the scent of this product isn't as nice as the bodifying mousse it's not horrible I just prefer the other scent . 

I hate when my curls take a life of their own on I want them to have life but not be all frizzy and bushy so this is the perfect routine for me at the moment .
I want to be in control of my hair not the other way round and with this routine I really am .

Granted it's not the best photo in the world that is showing my curls off you can see them though more on the left side of the photo . 

Since I used these products I have been wearing my hair curly a lot more I think that these 2 products work so well together and would recommend them to anyone with naturally curly hair or even if you have straight hair and you like lots of volume this mousse would work for you too. 

So here I am again 4am in the morning I am definitely an insomniac blogger I didn't think this post would be as long as it is and this is one of those posts that I didn't expect to be writing but thought it might help a few people I'm always being asked what hair products I use so here they are . 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this thank you as always