Saturday 15 September 2018

First Impressions, Review and Swatches of the Imogenation X Revolution Highlight to the Moon Face Palette

Hello Beauties,

I am so excited to be talking about the Imogenation and Revolution collaboration I have been using it for the last month at least so believe I can tell you what I think of this palette .

Firstly how gorgeous is this packaging lavender on the front and a gorgeous pink on the back it's just so stunning

Inside the face palette you get this gorgeous big mirror I seem to be using this mirror more and more not only when I apply the powders in this palette but when I do the rest of my make up it's such a great mirror .

You get 9 really big powders in this palette 3 setting powders, 3 contour powders and my favourite 3 highlights.

It's nice to see them in the palette but thought I would show you some swatches of what the powders look like on the face.

Swatches - 

Setting Powders - 

Pretty Heart - Pretty Heart is definitely my favourite setting powder in this palette once I have applied my concealer I apply this under my eye to keep my concealer set in place and it gives such a brightening effect it doesn't make my eyes look cakey it's just a great powder really finely milled.

My Gyal - My Gyal is another great powder it's a banana powder and is also brightening but not as much as Pretty Heart . I use My Gyal over the rest of my face that needs attention the places that I tend to get oily mainly around my t-zone .

Cayooot - Cayooot is the only setting powder in this palette that I haven't used as I am fair so I couldn't use this on my fair skin . What I could use it for is a transition eye shadow which I might try and also I heard someone say this is ideal for fair skin to use as a bronzer as it was similar to Benefits Hoola Light .

I'm not sure of that because I have only ever tried regular hoola I didn't even know benefit did a hoola light .

Contour Powders - 

Literally - Literally is the contour shade that I use when I am fair and haven't got any tan on well I use a mix of warrior also which is only slightly darker .

Warrior - Warrior is a slightly darker contour shade for medium skin tones I would say but I use this shade and Literally to get a more defined contour

Can't Deal - The only time I use Can't Deal is when I have got a tan and I mix it with Warrior as I don't want a super dark contour .

When I have contoured I will also use Pretty heart to make my contour look more defined .

onto the best part now the highlighters …. yay....

Highlighters - 

Limited Edition - Limited edition is the lightest highlighter in this palette and has definitely been put in here for fair skinned girls like me . I don't think I have even tried this highlighter yet other then swatching it . It's very nice a bit frosty maybe for me but I at least want to give it a try .

Slay My Life - This is what I am talking about they got it so right when they made this highlighter it's beautiful it's probably more for medium toned skin but I don't care about that I love it so on my face it goes . I like that it's a split pan highlight so you get half light gold and half slightly darker gold but I mix them together to make one gorgeous highlight .

I am wearing the highlighter on my face in this photo you can see it more on the tip of my nose just look how golden it looks . It truly is my favourite highlighter from the palette. 

Angel Face - Angel Face the last highlighter in the palette I have had this highlighter on once or twice and it's really pretty . It doesn't feel as smooth to the touch as the rest of the highlighters in this palette but It does blend out really nicely .

Summary - So what I think of this palette is that it's amazing value for money it's only £10 and you do get a lot of product for your money. You get 9 x 0.07oz/2g the powders are very finely milled which I love .

This has been my go to palette since I bought it mainly for that Pretty Heart Setting Powder but then when I am using it I will use the contour and the highlight as well.
It's a great palette to take travelling with you as you have all your powders well except blush and bronzer . I don't really wear bronzer when I wear contour I know some people do and that is easily fixed by putting the blush and bronzer in with the rest of your face make up.

You wouldn't need to worry about taking another mirror as it has such a big mirror I really thing Imogenation and Revolution thought of everything when they created this palette together and I would definitely recommend it .

Revolution is a cruelty free and vegan which I love getting behind a brand that is cruelty free and also a brand that supports you tubers as a creator myself I think it's great that revolution are giving influencers the opportunity to do this .

Thanks for reading as always