Monday 17 September 2018

Bronzie Fake Bake Got Your Back All Over Body Tanning Mitt Review

Hello Beauties,

It's currently after 2am and I can't sleep so I thought what better thing to do with my time then to talk about this all over body tanning mitt that I got awhile back .

This all over tanning body mitt I use it as part of my tanning routine which I am going to talk about soon but for now I thought I would do a separate post on my thoughts on this tanning mitt.

There are two mitts for both hands and a long panel for tan to do your back I got this tanning mitt because I struggled to do my back and heard that this applied your tan evenly.

I've always been able to do my tan evenly on the front of my body but when it comes to the top of my back it's always been a struggle and this is why I got this tanning mitt.

This tanning mitt applies your tan evenly like all my reviews this is going to be no different my honest opinion of this tanning mitt is that it's a good tanning mitt but it's really awkward to use especially when you tan your back .

Tanning your lower back is fine it's when it comes to tanning the top of your back that is just really awkward and you have to work really hard to stop it from going patchy .

The tanning mitt is made out of velvet and is really luxurious and apart from me struggling to get an even tan on my back I didn't have any problems applying the tan it went on smoothly and very quickly as you have 2 tanning mitts instead of one so what that means is you can get your tanning routine done in half the time which is always a bonus .

I got this tanning mitt from ebay so if your interested in trying it for yourself you can buy it from there , I think beauty bay also sell these tanning mitts .

This is just a short review on my thoughts on this tanning mitt I will speak about this more  when I talk about my tanning routine

Thanks for reading